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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 392 (On Campus for Internship)

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Online Coding Round:
The first round was an online round. There were 2 coding questions (no penalty for wrong submission) and 20 Multiple Choice Questions(with negative marking). We were given 90 minutes to solve them.
MCQs were based on Data Structures, OS, CN, C outputs, OOP, etc.
The two coding questions were:

  1. Given a string you have to partition it in such a way that each part of the partitioned string is a palindrome in itself and you have to count the number of such partitions.
    Input: NITIN
    Output: 3
    Explanation: The 3 possible partitions are N | ITI | N, N | I | T | I | N, NITIN

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  2. You are given a large paragraph and N words. You have to find a minimum length subparagraph of the paragraph which contains all those N words in any order. Here, the length of a paragraph is the count of words in the paragraph.

  3. Round 1 (Face to Face):

    The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and a brief introduction of the projects that I have done. She first asked me questions related to my project. After that she moved on to the data structures part. The questions were:

    1. Merge Sort.
    2. Given a BST containing distinct integers, and a number ‘X’, find all pairs of integers in the BST whose sum is equal to ‘X’.
    3. Merge overlapping Intervals.

    The interviewer asked me to code all the problems on paper and dry run each of them for some test cases.

    Some questions asked to other candidates in this round were:

    1. Find next greater number with same set of digits
    2. Given a binary tree, if parent is 0, then left child is 0 and right child is 1. if parent is 1, then left child is 1 and right child is 0. Root of the tree is 0. Find the kth node value which is present at Nth level.

    Round 2 (Face to Face):

    The interviewer asked me about how my previous round went. After that, he asked me to introduce myself and a brief introduction of the projects that I have done. He first asked me a few questions related to my project. Then he moved on to the data structures part.
    The questions were:

    1. He asked me about different types of hashing. He then asked me an alternative and a better way for Linear Chaining.
    2. Implement AVL Tree.
    3. Minimum number of squares whose sum equals to given number n.
    4. Insertion sort for a singly linked list.

    For the second question, I told him that I don’t remember rotations in an AVL Tree so I won’t be able to code it. Also, in this round the interviewer gave me strict time limit for coding the solution on paper for each problem and as soon as I was done coding he gave me 2-3 minutes every time to find errors and debug my code.

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    Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2020
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