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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 391 (SDE-2, 5.5 years Experience)

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I recently interviewed at Amazon for the SDE-2 position.

Round – 1
This round was taken by the hiring manager
1. did you ever have a conflict with your manager and how did you resolve it
2. did you ever have a conflict with a peer or junior and how did you resolve it
3. Did you ever have to deliver on a tight deadline and how did you stick to it.
4. design Uber

Round – 2
This was one of the coding round
2. print zig-zag level order traversal

Round – 3
this was again taken by a different dev-manager
1. what is the toughest project (technically) you have worked, how much did you contribute to it and given a chance to rewrite it what all would you change
2. given an existing problem solved by his team and told me to write down the possible ways to solve it.
3. how did you train/groom the juniors in the team
4. how do you do a code review
5. how else did you contribute to the team other than the regular feature implementation.

round – 4
this was again a coding round
1. LCS of 2 strings

Round – 5
this was a HLD and LLD round
1. design a furniture selling site
was asked to design the HLD of the services involved and give their scaling constraints
2. was asked to write down the classes and then the corresponding DB schema

Round – 6
this was the bar raiser round
1. quick intro and reasoning for all the job switches
2. take up 1 project and explain it in depth. Explain the design decisions, constraints, throughput, test coverage etc. Given more time what all features would you add to it.
3. give an instance where you had to push back your manager/lead keeping the long term benefit of the product in mind.
4. a variation of the merging k sorted arrays ( here instead of arrays it was files, large files which would not fit in the memory).
5. write down the code(classes) for the same.

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Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2017
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