Amazon Interview Experience | Set 386 (On Campus for Internship)

The first round was an online round. There were 2 coding questions and 20 MCQs. The MCQs consisted of both aptitude questions as well as technical questions. The students who did both the coding questions and half of the MCQs were chosen for the interview round. 25 students out of 200 students who gave the online round were selected.
The first round of interview was the elimination round. It was a technical round in which the interviewer asked me 3 questions, I had to tell him my approach and code the solution on paper. After all the students were done with the first round, 17 students were selected for the second round of interview. This round was also a technical round, I was asked 3 questions and was told to code them on paper. The interviewer also went through my CV and asked about my projects. He also asked me a few technical concepts based on OS and C++ (after I told him I code in C++).
Finally, 11 students were selected for internship, including me 🙂

The questions asked were of the following topics :

  1. Bit manipulation (2 questions in interview and 1-2 mcqs in online test as well)
  2. BST and Trees
  3. OS, networking and output of C programs in online MCQs
  4. The coding questions in the online test included a string question and a mathematical question which used concepts of permutations and combinations

A tip for interviews: If the interviewer asks a question which you don’t know, be frank with him and tell him you don’t have knowledge about it. This is much better than blurting out irrelevant answers.

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