Amazon Interview Experience | Set 373 (For SDE 2)

Round 1

  1. Trapping rain water
  2. Total number of possible binary search trees with n keys , Just the formula and its derivation was discussed

Round 2

  1. Majority Element
  2. Boundary traversal of a binary tree

Round 3

  1. Discussion on my project, its design, challenges faced, what important decisions I took that worked and other such behavioural questions.
  2. After this discussion, I was given a problem to design Truecaller kind of system

Only these rounds happened on 1st day. Later I was called to complete the other 2 rounds

Round 4

  1. Again discussion on my project and behavioural questions around the work
  2. Then, a problem was given to design a performance management system (appraisal workflow system) that can be used across companies

Round 5

  1. Discussion on project and behavioural questions
  2. Design a backend store system for managing inventory and orders with different pricing structure of items across stores. Focus was on schema and API design along with which parts of the system will be centralised and which will be at store level

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