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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 364 (On-Campus)

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In my college, we 250 students have attended Amazon interview, and from that 16 among us are selected for the internship. 

1st round: Online test: 2 – coding questions 
We were given 1.30 hrs to complete it 

  1. Merge two sorted arrays 
    GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. Find the element which is repeated more than twice in given array 
    GeeksforGeeks Link

20 MCQ questions based on data structures 

2nd round : written test – 2 programs 
we were given 1.15 hr to solve it. and it was correct and marks were given separately by all judges. Among them nearly 30 are selected for next round.for the second problem they have expected for dynamic programming solution. 

  1. Given an array, arrange it in such a way that odd elements occupy the odd positions and even elements occupy the even positions. 
    GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. Convert the given string into palindrome by removing minimum number of characters. 
    GeeksforGeeks Link

3rd round: written test: 2 programs 
Here we were given 1 hr and a HR will be present to whom we must explain our answer and satisfy his expectations. 

  1. find the next largest number by using the same digits in the given number. 
    GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. given a matrix , sorted row wise , find the common element among all the rows. 
    GeeksforGeeks Link

4th round: Technical hr: 
I was selected for next round for QAE and they asked me several questions. We must answer all the questions by considering the practical scenarios and presence of mind is important.Even if u doesnt know the correct answer, try to compromise them with ur smartness. 

  1. Write testcases for frequently bought items in
  2. write usecases for temperature sensing application
  3. write a linux command for deleting all the files contains
  4. Troubleshoot: in a person X has ordered for 10 items.oly 2 among them were delivered to X.but it is showing in amazon’s mobile app, as all 10 items are the same ti,e it shows the correct status in amazon’s website….find why??

5th round: Technical Hr with Hiring manager: 
In this round he ll question u technically, but he ll check ur way of answering and attitude.He ll just check whether u ll be suitable for that position.Ur knowledge doesnt matter here..Ur attitude speaks. 

  1. Validate the cancel order option in
  2. Draw the flow diagram of your project and explain it briefly.
  3. How will you provide security for your project.and many questions related to my project.
  4. troubleshoot : you are unable to see the latest details in ur mobile still shows the old details.What are all the reasons?
  5. troubleshoot: what all the things u ll do , if u couldn’t open ur mobile app?



Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2021
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