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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 351 (Off-Campus for SDE I)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 10 Jul, 2019

1) Online test with MCQs on OS, DBMS, basic algo ds.

2) Telephonic Round 1

  1. Find height of a binary tree.
  2. Find height of a binary tree when the leaf nodes are connected to each other via a circular doubly linked list.
  3. Balanced parenthesis no stack solution and with stack solution. And minimum number of flips to make bracket sequence as balanced

3) Telephonic Round 2

  1. Sum of values in any submatrix for a given matrix.
  2. Maximum sum path in a given binary tree. There may be negative values in the tree. Path can start and end anywhere.
  3. Given transactions between group of friends. How to minimize the number of transactions by eliminating redundant cash flow paths? Suggest data structure and solve.

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