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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 144 (Off-Campus For SDE-1)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2019

F2F Round 1:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Tell me about any challenging work you did in any of your past projects, why was it challenging?
3. Given an unsorted array find maximum distance between two elements considering the following condition:
Arr[i] <Arr[j] and i<j
4. Given a binary tree add all greater node values in a smaller node value.
After this was done, he asked to do it without using pointer variable parameter.

F2F Round 2:
1. Given an array of words, print all the words which are not anagram of any other word. For example, Input {“cat”, “dog”, “tac”, “god”, ”rat”, ”toy”, “act”}, Output{“rat”, ”toy”}.

2. Given a tree connect all the nodes at same level in both directions

F2F round 3(Hiring Manager):
1. Tell me about self.
2. Why do you want to change your current company? Why Amazon?
3. Tell me about your current Projects. What is your role? Tell me architecture of this project?
4. Design a class to implement Linux File system.
5. Have you used twitter? Tell me working procedure of tiny URL.
6. How facebook works for following:
What data structure will you use to store friends and friends of friends?
Design structure for friends list, friend request sent list, received friend request list, store message, notification etc.
7. What happens when we type ?
8. How does DNS work, what protocol does it use DNS what is difference between UDP in TCP. Which protocol will you use when I will ask to design DNS
9. Insert a node in linked list in sorted order; again modify the same code to work for circular linked list.

F2F round 4(Senior Technical Manager):

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why do you want to change in your current company. Give two reasons why do you want join Amazon.
3. Deep Discussion on Projects I have worked on, Challenging part in these projects, why was it challenging?
4. Tell me a situation where you did not complete your work in given time.
5. Have you made any mistake any time in your project and what was its impact on projects?
6. Given array of 0’s and 1’s. All 0’s are coming first followed by 1’s. find the position of first 1
Ex 0000111 o/p : 4
Again he modified it . Do the same if stream is coming 00000000……..1111111……
In less than O(N)

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for providing such a wonderful resource for interview preparation.

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