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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 347 (1.8 Years Experienced for SDE1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019
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Below is the summary of interview round conducted by amazon. Although i am not able to remember correctly since its almost 2 months.

Written Test

  1. Check if Linked list contains loop.
    GeeskforGeeks Link
  2. Create Balanced binary search tree from sorted array
    GeeksforGeeks Link

F2F (Technical)

  1. Stream of coordinates are given. you need to identify k nearest points for given coordinate at any point of time

F2F (Hiring manager)

  1. Discussion about project
  2. Project which has business impact
  3. Conflict with manager/seniors

F2F (Technical)

  1. Given dictionary of alien language. You need to find order of alphabets based on dictionary – Topological sorting
  2. DS for identifying min from given array for index range x to y.

Telephonic (SDM)

  1. Detail discussion about projects
  2. Project which made you rockstar
  3. What you prefer to use for communication between android and backend server – XML/JSON ? why ?

Telephonic (Bar raiser)

  1. Discussion about projects
  2. Conflicts with manager/team
  3. Your role in projects
  4. Given array of characters. Identify string with minimum length which covers all characters present in the string
    GeeksforGeeks Link

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