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Amazon Interview experience | Set 332 (Off-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019

Amazon Interview Experience (Off Campus)

Round 1: Online Test

  1. Circular tour that visit all petrol pumps.
  2. Find a sub-array in an array of 0 and 1 such that flipping bits maximizes no. of 1s.

Round 2: Telephonic Interview 1

  1. Mirror Image of binary tree (Recursive Solution Required)
  2. Mirror image of binary tree (Iterative Solution Required)
  3. Mirror of n-ary tree.
  4. Generate all k length combination from n length string, characters can appear multiple times, print unique combinations only.

Round 3: Telephonic Interview 2

  1. Sqrt of an integer till given decimal places. (Expected complexity – logn and only a single function can be made which has to deal with all the cases)
  2. Merge two balanced binary search tree.

Round 4: F2F

  1. Isomorphic binary tree check.
  2. Count all possible decodings of a string of digit.
  3. Given log files consisting of product bought and customer id, print top k purchased items at any time. If billions of items are there and it is not possible for a single machine to handle them then how will you handle this condition. Discussed several approaches.

Round 5: F2F

  1. Top view of binary tree.
  2. Given an expression number of different ways to evaluate the expression.
    Exp. 1+2*3, can be evaluated as (1+2)*3 or 1+(2*3)

    Later he asked me to find out all the possible answers as well.

Round 6: F2F (Technical + hr)

    Discussion about project I completed during internship.
    Technical Questions asked were –

  1. K-th largest element in bst.
  2. Array vs Linked list.
  3. Several behavioral questions.

Round 7: F2F

  1. Hotel booking problem.

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