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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 270 (Off-campus SDE-1)

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Hi, Recently I got a chance to attend the off campus interview with Amazon (SDE-1).Every code they asked to write on paper and full production level code was expected.

Here is my experience:

Round 1:

Three questions. Were asked to write the code on paper:
1. Next Greater Element in array
2. convert sorted array to binary search tree
3. Find the row with maximum no of 1s in 2-D sorted array

Round 2:
1. Next Greater element in BST
2. Given a linked list. Each node contains a string. Find whether the string (after concatenating entire nodes string) is palindrome or not. Expectation : Time Complexity O(n) and Space Complexity O(1)
3. One more question. Don’t remember

Round 3:
1. Given a pole of different heights and width. Water is continuously flowing from top. Calculate the total amount of water stored.
2. Code for Josephus circle

Round 4:
1. Discussion of current role & projects
2. Given a linked list 1->2->3->4->5->6. Make the following change:
3. OS concepts : mutex, deadlock, semaphore, Multithreading
4. Implement Producer Consumer Problem. Extended the problem by adding mutliple producer and mutliple consumer. (Focus mainly on thread deadlocks, resource handling, efficiency)

Round 5:
1. Discussion on current role & project
2. Discussion on IPC.
3. Stream of integers is coming. How will you find the median? Discussion on complexity and choice of data structure.
4. Variation on mirror of tree. Dont remember the exact question
5. Reverse a list

Round 6:
1. Discussion on current role & project
2. Finding subset of array with maximum sum
3. Contact suggestion comes in phone on typing few letters. How will you implement it? Code to insert, search and delete contact.

After 1 week, I got a call with offer. Thanks to GeeksforGeeks for helping me a lot for my preparations 🙂


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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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