Amazon Interview Experience | Set 268 (Experienced)

I had worked at TCS,Chennai for 6 months and then was working at SAPLabs,Bangalore for last one year. I was interviewed at Amazon,World Trade Center for the position of Software Development Engineer.
Round 1:Written Round
Round 2:Face to Face
a. Find all anagrams of a given string.
The question is simple but there was a twist,the file size was 1TB.Interviewer asked me to optimize the solution.I gave a HashMap solution where key was the length of strings in the file and value was number of such strings.
Finally,I was able to solve the question with Trie data structure.
b. Given a Hotel and checkin/Checkout time of visitors, find the maximum numbers of rooms required. (different version of Trains/Platform question)
Round 3:Face to Face
binary sorted matrix.I knew this questions before so I got another question
c. Given two strings print all possible permutations of two strings such that the order of characters are maintained.
I gave a topological sort solution and then a recursive solution.
Round 4:Hiring Manager Round
a.A lot of behavioural questions like weakness,strengths,why leaving previous organization.
b.Detailed description of projects
c.Given an array,generate all valid ip address from the array.
A lot of discussion on this question and finally I gave a hashmap solution to this question.Time complexity:O(n)
Round 5: Bar Raiser
a. A lot of behavioural questions,why amazon etc etc
I told him we can reverse the string and find the LCS for both strings.
Full working code was required at each round and time complexity was discussed in detail for questions. Thanks a lot geeksforgeeks.


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