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Amazon Interview experience | Set 127 (For Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2019

Amazon visited our campus for summer internship. I prepared from Amazon Interview Sets which were pretty helpful!

Here is my experience :


They had an online aptitude test on day 1. It was 90 minutes: 20 MCQs + 2 coding questions (choice between C/C++/Java for coding). MCQs were based on DSA, OS, and Math. They were apparently difficult.

Two Coding Questions :

1. Keypad problem – Little difficult problem on backtracking.

2. Given an array, find the count of impossible triangle

Day 2:

Surprise aptitude test:

2 coding questions 60 mins.

Questions involved DSA and strongly based on optimising the code:

1. Given a linked list, reverse K nodes in it

eg :- 1->2->3->4->5->NULL , k = 3


2. Search for an element in an array which has elements who’s values are first increasing and then decreasing. (Use modified binary search)

2 One-on-one Interview rounds, both technical.

Try giving THE most optimal algorithm which satisfies edge cases too.

I was told to write the code on the paper.

Questions asked to me were:


First interview round

1. Find the second largest element in an array.

2. Given a sorted array which can have repeated elements, find the occurrence of an element. (Most optimal solution is O(logn) – Using binary search to find start and end occurrence)

3. Make a data structure and implement an algorithm to print all the files in a directory. (the root directory can have sub-directories too.)

I used an n-ary tree and BFS to print files. It can also be done using Stack.


Second interview round

1. He asked some question about my CV

2. Print a matrix diagonally.

3. DFS of binary tree, n-ary tree.

4. Then he asked some question from other subjects.

OS – Scheduling
DBMS – Normalization, Transaction
OOPS – Abstraction

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