Amazon Interview Experience SDE1| Off-campus

Round 1:
Online coding test comprising of two coding questions and 20 MCQs. The coding problems were:

  • Rotate a matrix by 90 degrees.
  • Longest increasing subsequence.

Round 2: Technical 1, he asked me two questions:

  • If a number is written on a paper and that paper is rotated by 180 degrees, will the number remain the same?
  • Merge two sorted arrays to get a resultant sorted array. Sub questions were to get the resultant array into increasing as well as decreasing order.

Round 3: Technical 2, he also gave me two questions. He first asked me about my strong areas. I accidentally told him my weak areas too. That was my blunder. Don’t ever do that.

  • If there are files that are dependent on each other and I need to compile them. In what order should they be executed that all of them would get successfully compiled? This was basically topological sort.
  • 2x+3y+7z = n –> Find all possible combinations of x, y, z such that they satisfy above equation. I had suggested two approaches but he wanted the solution of lesser complexity. The optimized solution is obtained by dynamic programming. I couldn’t answer it using DP.

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