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Chai Point Interview Experience (SDE1 – Off Campus)

Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2018
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Round 1:

First Round involved an aptitude test, it involved questions on general aptitude and puzzles

Results were declared after 30 min. Luckily I cleared it.

Round 2: (Tech Round)

I – Tell me about yourself and projects.

M – i discussed about my projects done and college and why I chose them. later shared the work done at UpGrad as tech intern in program team and impact they had on business.

I – Let’s do some puzzles

  1. 100 statement puzzle
  2. 8 ball puzzle
  3.  – Took me long to solve, couldn’t gather right approach provided a greedy solution.

Later I was told I will have the next round in 30 mins.

Round 3: (Tech Round 2 )

A = [9, 2, 8, 27, 21, 81, 1, 32, 98] = 97

Find max difference such that larger number appear after smaller number in the given array.

Every node except leaf node is sum of all the nodes below it. Check whether a tree is sum tree or not

Find LCA of 2 nodes in a binary Tree

Find angle between hour and minute hand of a clock when time is 3:15.

Implement a Stack using 2 queues

I answered all the questions apart from the last one, where I did a small mistake, but Interviewer ignored it.

Next Day I had the final Round.

Round 3: (Tech Round 3 – Final)

Here I got interviewed with VP  of Engineering. It was discussion around myself and my interests, what all I have done so far. I asked about the tech stack and kind work I would get to do I join them . He was extremely helpful and explained everything in detail.

Verdict – Awaiting Result.

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