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Amazon Interview Experience | SDE-Intern

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Status: Fresher, B.Tech CS[2020 Batch] Round 1: Online Test [Two sections] [90 minutes] Section A: This section was having 2 programming question. Level of difficulty was very easy. Section B: This section was having around 30 CS theoretical and some output based question, solely based on Data Structures and Algorithms. This round was held in my college [JSSATE] and around 15 students were selected from my college. The interview was held in G.L. Bajaj College and around 120 students were there Round 2: Technical Interview-1 [80-90 minutes] They directly dive into asking DS Algo questions.
  1. Given a binary tree. Print its Spiral form from top to down. After printing root, print third level in reverse order, then second level in forward manner, then 5th level in reverse order then 4th level in forward order and so on.
  2. Given a matrix, each cell has positive or negative numbers. Starting from top left cell, reach bottom-right cell with optimum path such that maximum positive sum is received.
Round 2: Technical Interview-2 [90-120 minutes] After having intro they just dive into asking DS Algo questions.
  1. Given a BST, initially two nodes are swapped. Now correct the BST.
  2. Given a array containing continuous numbers starting with 1 in sorted order. One number is missing in this. Find out that number.
  3. Make your own data-structure through with insertion, deletion, searching and finding random number can be done in O(1) time complexity. Finding random number Algorithm is given.
After 30 minutes, result is declared. They offered internship for 6 months which would later be converted to Full time SDE1 on the basis of performance.

Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2019
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