Amazon Interview Experience (On Campus for 2 Month Internship)

Online Round: An online screening test was organized on Hackerearth. This test consisted of 20 MCQs (+1, -0.25) and 2 coding questions(+100). The MCQs were questions about output, pointers, programming basics, data structures and DBMS. One of the coding questions was:

Question: Given a matrix with one source and multiple destinations, calculate the minimum and maximum distance between source and a destination. Apart from source and destinations, there were cells which you couldn’t go to.

There was partial marking in coding questions based on the number of test cases passed.

25 were shortlisted from 160+ candidates.

Round 2:

  1. Find the starting node of loop in a linked list. (Solution)
  2. Rearrange characters in a string such that no two adjacent ones are same (Solution)

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