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Amazon Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Campus: NIT Jalandhar
Date: Aug 2019

Round 1:

It was a coding round, of 1hr 30 min, with two questions and 28 MCQ mostly based on data structures and concept of c/c++.

  1. Throw dice problem.
  2. Evaluation of postfix expression.

Round 2:

This round lasted for 60 minutes. It was a F2F round and the interviewer was nice. He asked me two problems.

  1. there are n staircases and a person has to go to nth stair he can take any number of steps based on his age, for eg. if his age is 5 then he can take 1 step, or 2 steps or 3 steps or 4 steps or 5 steps. I gave the solution and then he asked for complexity and then asked me to optimize it.
  2. There is a graph, we can go from one node to other node either for free or for a cost(that cost is the same for each path). Find the path which connects the source to destination with min cost. I answered it but my approach was not good enough so he helped me out for the same.

At last, he asked me to code the solution for both the question.

Round 3:

This round was again F2F and lasted for 75 min.

The interviewer asked me a few ques about OS. and then two coding questions.

  1. print the path between two nodes of the Binary Tree. I gave the approach but was unable to code.
  2. how will you find a k largest elements in a file(containing integers) of the size of 1 GB.

Round 4:

This round was F2F and lasted for 60 min.

The interviewer asked me 1 ques.

I gave him approach and then he asked me to code it. I was unable to it.

Then he asked me that I have any question for him so I asked a few ques.


After this HR round was there but I was not selected for it.

It was a nice experience.

PS:- This year the amazon interview process is strict they are asking a new type of questions, not from the predefined set so its better have a new approach to solve a question.

I was selected in Round 2 only because my approach to the question was out of the league, I was unable to fully code it but the interviewer was highly impressed.

Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019
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