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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE

Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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Online Round: There were multiple sets. Each set contained four sections.

  1. Code Debugging section(20 minutes)
  2. Coding section(70 minutes)
  3. Work Style Assessment(10-15 minutes)
  4. Logical Ability(35 minutes)

Except for the coding section and work style assessment other sections were MCQ type. In these sections, speed mattered.

Coding questions:

  1. It was based on hashing. After little thinking, the question simply got reduced to calculate two values in an array having sum equal to a given integer k. Simple 5-7 lines of code were sufficient to pass the given test-cases (Difficulty-Easy )
  2. It was based on strings. We were given a string consisting of words separated by spaces or punctuation. Another vector of strings was given which were to be excluded. We had to return a vector consisting of strings having max frequency. It was simply a hashing based question, there were some strong corner cases which were to be handled. (Difficulty-Medium)

31 students were shortlisted for interviews. The interview process(Organized through Amazon Chime App) consisted of one round.

Round 1 (Technical): First, the interviewer told me to introduce myself. Then 4 coding questions were asked one by one.

  1. Count distinct elements in every window of size k
  2. Convert a given tree to its Sum Tree
  3. Partition problem
  4. Trapping Rain Water

The interviewer first asked about the brute-force solution and the optimal approaches were asked afterward. She was convinced of my solutions, and then she asked whether I had any questions for her. I asked her about the kind of work and the prerequisites during the internship. Further, I asked about the schedule and work hours during the internship. No questions were asked about my projects.

Tips: Be patient and confident as I have experienced sometimes your hard work didn’t result in what you expected and you would feel depressed, in these situations just be patient and wait for the best. Also, interviews have a slight luck factor and kind of day dependency. I would advise you to wait for your day, and on that day I guarantee you, no one can stop you from getting what you deserve, just be confident and solve all the problems with a positive attitude.

Result: Finally 17 students were offered internships for the SDE profile.

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