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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-2
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2019

Round 1:

Time: 1hr

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Roles and responsibility at my current company.
  3. How do you write code (first code then test cases or first test cases then code).

Then the interviewer shared a google doc and asked to write code and logic on that doc only.

  1. Simple Binary tree based question.
  2. Second question was also based on binary tree. Write full code and asked me to execute some given test cases.
  3. LRU cache. Again full code with test cases.
  4. There was some time left so he asked me to provide another approach for 2nd problem.

Got an onsite call for Hyderabad.

By all these rounds the interviewer keeps a laptop with him and keeps on writing the feedback.

Round 2: 

Project based discussion:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Explain the working of your current project. Draw it on the board.
  3. Project based discussion:
    1. Have you ever had any conflicts within the team.
    2. Have you ever disagreed with your manager.
    3. Have you ever proposed your solution and made it happen.
    4. Have you ever proposed your solution and could not make it happen.
    5. How do you cover your code and make sure it is tested fully.
    6. Have you made any changes to make the system more efficient.

Round 3:

Coding Round

  1. Introduce yourself. What project you have worked on.
  2. The questions asked were more of a competitive programming based problems.
  3. I don’t exactly remember but it was something there is an infinite number of students and I have to select the student who gives the unique answer first.
  4. I proposed a solution. It will work fine.
  5. Then asked to optimise it further. I gave another solution and he was satisfied with the solution and asked me write the code for it.

Round 4: 

Coding Round : Bar Raiser Round

  1. Introduce yourself. How have your rounds been going.
  2. Given an array of integers and k number of swaps create the largest number possible.
  3. How do you write test cases. Write all the test cases including as many edge cases as possible before writing the code.
  4. Proposed a solution. Again further optimise it.

Round 5:

High level System Design Round

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Design a grocery store, which will uses the inventory of Kroger(third party inventories) at the backend but at the front end the customer sees Amazon only.

Round 6: 

Low level System Design Round

  1. Gave me a sheet of paper with some code written on it and asked me to find bugs. Then asked me to suggest how it should have been written. What all is missing then add it.
  2. Design Vending machine. (State Design Pattern)
  3. Write use cases for the above and then write a fully working code on paper.

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