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Algo Geek – DSA Article Writing Contest By GeeksforGeeks

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2022
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The long-awaited results of the Algo Geek – DSA Article Writing Contest have finally been announced!!!!

Check out the complete list of Top 10 Winners from below.


Article’s Link


Number of K-length paths in a Tree


Find a permutation of 1 to N, such that A is minimum in left half and B is maximum in right half 


Longest subsegment of ‘1’s formed by changing at most k ‘0’s | Set 2 (Using Queue)


Find mean of K adjacent elements on each sides for each Array element


Find numbers in between [L, R] which are divisible by all Array elements


Generate string after adding spaces at specific positions in a given String


Largest Array minimum in N-1 operations by reducing each element by minimum


Day-Stout-Warren algorithm to balance given Binary Search Tree


Create a balanced BST using vector in C++ STL 


Sort given Array in descending order according to highest power of prime factors

The following is a list of authors(excluding winners) who have at-least 5 published articles in Algo Geek.

  1. pintusaini
  2. prophet1999
  3. Code_r
  4. sauarbhyadav
  5. akashjha2671
  6. harshdeepmahajan88
  7. geekygirl2001
  8. kaurareen
  9. prasanna1995
  10. jainuditkumar
  11. chantya17
  12. srinam
  13. kaalel
  14. lakshayr32
  15. manikajoshi500
  16. amrithabpatil
  17. manasvviaggarwal
  18. tarakki100
  19. bhuwanesh

Congratulations to all winners. You will soon get a mail from our team to claim your prizes.

Keep Contributing!

A Contest of Writing DSA Based Articles…!! 

This single line must have created various queries in the minds of all the tech enthusiasts. And why not, we usually get to know about competitive programming or coding challenges but the contest of contributing coding articles is not very much recognized. However, there are so many benefits of writing such programming and data structures & algorithms based articles like – it helps you to showcase and validate your proficiency in programming or while writing these coding articles you’re often required to do some extensive research or study that strengthens your knowledge and sometimes you find out another more optimized solution for the particular problem. 


Also, a coding article writing competition provides you with the opportunity to meet and brainstorm with other like-minded programmers or grab some exciting prizes and career opportunities. Now, most probably, you would be wondering that why we’re discussing it here, right…??


Okay so, let us tell you that GeeksforGeeks is coming up with Algo Geek – an amazing DSA Article Writing Contest where you can write and submit the coding articles and stand a chance to win some amazing rewards, internship opportunities, etc. Also, you don’t need to step out of your house to participate in this competition as you can contribute your article all while sitting at your home.

*The Algo Geek – DSA Article Writing Contest By GeeksforGeeks is scheduled to start on December 06, 2021. The last date to submit the article has been extended to January 20, 2022!

Contest Details

This Algo Geek Contest is going to start on December 06, 2021. Also, there are not any eligibility criteria for this event i.e., anyone can take part in the competition. In this competition, what you’ll need to do is write an article on a particular programming problem in any of the preferred languages like C++, Java, or Python using the relevant Data Structures and Algorithms. However, the thing that you need to remember is that the article submitted by you must not be copied from anywhere else, and also, it should not be previously covered on GeeksforGeeks. 

  • Competition Date: 06 December 2021 to 30 December 2021 20 January 2022
  • Result: 28 January 2022

In case, if you get feedback on your article then you must ensure to resubmit the article after making the suggested/required changes before the last date of submission i.e. January 20, 2022.


Now, here comes the most awaited part, Prizes. Yes, we know that rewards and prizes encourage the efforts of participants and also motivate them for further participation. Hence, there are many Cash Prizes and Goodies for all the participants in the competition:

  • 1st Prize – INR 10,000 Cash + Certificate + Various Exciting Goodies
  • 2nd Prize – INR 5,000 Cash + Certificate + Various Exciting Goodies
  • 3rd Prize – INR 3,000 Cash + Certificate + Various Exciting Goodies
  • 4th – 10th Prize – Certificate + Various Exciting Goodies

Participants whose 5 articles, at least, will get published will also be rewarded with exciting Goodies. So, do submit more and more articles in the Algo Geek Contest to win some striking prizes!!


  • To avail of the prizes, the participants will be required to fill up a Google Form that will be shared with everyone once the result is announced.
  • The Cash Prizes are not Applicable for the Participants Outside India. Cash Prizes will be in the form of Amazon Pay Coupons.

How to Participate?

The process of writing and submitting the article at the Algo Geek Contest is quite simple – all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Visit the link and then write your article under the ‘Algo Geek Contest’ section. 

Algo Geek - DSA Article Writing Contest

2. After writing the article, please submit it for review, and then the status of your article will become Pending.

3. You can use these guidelines to write the article – and

4. Any plagiarism detected in the article will disqualify you from the event.

5. In case of any doubt please contact your respective Campus Ambassador or you can also drop a mail to

How the Results Will Get Declared?

The articles submitted by the candidates for the Algo Geek Contest will get assessed by the internal GFG Experts and the result will get declared based on the quality of the article. Also, preference will be given to those participants who’ll submit a maximum number of quality articles. Also, do remember that the difficulty level of the programming problems shouldn’t be very easy or basic.

Furthermore, participants are also required to be a promoter of their article(s) by sharing the article link on LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #algogeek. Don’t forget to tag GeeksforGeeks in the posts.

Article Format and Other Important Guidelines

First and foremost, the programming articles should contain the following points:

  1. Problem Statement
  2. Examples (Two). Explanation of examples to get a proper understanding of how we achieved the result.
  3. Links of prerequisites for the approach if there are any.
  4. The approach used to solve the problem.
    • First, a basic idea or intuition
    • Then the step by step points regarding how this approach will work
    • Highlight any important observation or point using bold, blockquote, or pre.
  5. Implementation / Code. If there are codes in multiple languages, the order should be C++, Java, Python3, C#. Please note that Python 2 codes are not accepted but Python 3 codes are accepted.
  6. Time Complexity and Auxiliary Space, with the explanation of the terms used to express these. Also, please try to keep the language simple, specific, and free from pronouns like I, you, we, etc

For more detailed instructions like Approach Format, Adding code in the article, Coding Standards, etc., you can visit –  How to Write DSA Articles on GeeksforGeeks?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1. What will be the last date to submit the article?  

Ans. The last date for article submission is December 30, 2021, January 20, 2022. However, you need to know if you submit the article on the last date and you get the feedback on it to make some changes then you’ll be provided with the additional timespan to make the required changes in the article and submit it again.

Q-2. After I submit the article, what process will take place?

Ans. Once you write and submit the article, then the status of your article becomes Pending. The team then reviews your article and gives you feedback in comments (if needed) under the article and saves your article status to Awaiting Author. After that, you’re required to make the changes as per the feedback and again submit the article for review and the status of your article becomes Pending again. Finally, after you have made all the required improvements, your article status becomes In Review, which means it has been approved. Also, when your article gets published, the status of your article becomes Published.

Q-3. Can I submit multiple articles from the same account/profile?

Ans. Yes, you can submit as many articles as you want from the same account/profile. However, out of all those submitted articles, the best one will get selected for the final result process.

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