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Airtel X-Labs Interview Experience for Lead Engineer

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Round 1 :

Q1 :

There are N premade lunchboxes for N students, and they are placed on top of each other. The lunch boxes can be either circular in shape or rectangular in shape. Each student has his/her own preference for the type of lunchbox that they want. The count of the lunchboxes and the students are the same.

The students stand in a randomly ordered line as soon as its lunchtime if the student at the head of the line finds that the top tiffin the stack is not of their preference they will go back and rejoin the queue at the end.

Estimate the number of students who not be able to eat lunch.

Round 2 :

Q1 :

Give a stream of fruits  [A, C, B, A, B, B, C, B, F, C, C, F, B, H. . . . . . . . . ]

Two buckets are given, each of these buckets can hold only one type of fruit only.

find out the maximum continuous fruits from stream these two buckets can hold at any point.

for example in [A, C, B, C, B, B, C, A, F, C, C, F, B, H], two buckets will hold total 6 fruits from index 1 to 6.

The output should be in the form of 6 (3 B, 3 C)

Round 3:


In a Wimbledon knockout tournament, players from rank 1 – 32 are playing. It is Given that players with higher rank will win. Draw for this knockout tournament is on a random basis. Design the data structure to hold this draw and then find out the 2nd highest-ranked player.


Given a Binary Tree, print the view of the tree from all 4 directions (TOP, Left, Bottom, Right).

Round 4 :

Q1: Discussions about existing projects, its scalability, load balancing, basically distributed system discussion.

Q2: Design an online ticket booking site (Focus was on Database and service design).

I received the offer letter after a few days.

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Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2020
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