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Advantages and Disadvantages of Web App Development

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Web App Development: The word Web-App Development is made up of three words, that is:

  • Web: It is refer to websites, web pages or anything working over internet.
  • App: Refers to applications software.
  • Development: Building the application from scratch.

Web App Development = creation of applications that works over internet i.e. websites

Web App Development can be classified into two types:

Frontend Development: The part of a website that user interacts with directly is termed as front end. It is also referred to as the ‘client side’ of the application. It includes everything that users experience directly: text colors and styles, images, graphs and tables, buttons, colors, and navigation menu. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the languages used for Front End development. The structure, design, behavior, and content of everything seen on browser screen when websites, web applications, or mobile apps are opened up, is implemented by front End developers. Responsiveness and performance are two main objectives of the front End. The developer must ensure that the site is responsive i.e. it appears correctly on devices of all sizes no part of the website should behave abnormally irrespective of the size of the screen.

Backend Development: Backend is server side of the website. It stores and arranges data, and also makes sure everything on the client-side of the website works fine. It is the part of the website that you cannot see and interact with. It is the portion of software that does not come in direct contact with the users. The parts and characteristics developed by backend designers are indirectly accessed by users through a front-end application. Activities, like writing APIs, creating libraries, and working with system components without user interfaces or even systems of scientific programming, are also included in the backend.

Advantages of web app development:

  • Runs on any OS: It’s programmed to run on any OS . It must appropriately adapt to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone — amongst other operating systems.
  • Runs using easy URL: These apps run on the device’s own browser through an easy URL.
  • Need not be downloaded: They don’t got to be downloaded and installed from app stores like Google Play or Apple’s App Store. This translates into money-saving since having an immediate link through an internet app is free.
  • Need not be updated like apps: They may also open websites. This suggests that they don’t require to be updated within the way common apps do.
  • Cost Efficient: The most important benefit you’ll draw faraway from its price. Web app development is that the cheaper quiet app development. It consists of making a link or several links between the appliance and an URL. Developing a native app or an interpreted app entails a better cost but its chances to succeed are far greater.

Disadvantages of web app development

  • Creates problem if website is not responsive: The website responsiveness means the website data displays on every platform and every size of screens correctly.
  • If your website undergoes any quite issue, your application are going to be in trouble too. Don’t assume that your web app will work perfectly if you don’t have a top quality corporate website. For instance, if the web site’s URL takes a while to load or if uncomfortable ‘cookies’ show up when entering the website, accessing it through the appliance will entail an equivalent issues. The matter isn’t inherent to your web app. It’s rather located within the website’s development.
  • Internet connection is compulsory: An Internet connection are going to be an absolute must run it. Otherwise, you’ll not be ready to browse the website.
  • It will also lose visibility because it won’t get on display within the stores.
  • In addition, there’ll be some access restrictions on certain hardware features of the device it’s running on.
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Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2022
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