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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tree Topology

  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020

Network topology is the systematically arrangement of the elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a communication network. Network topology can be used to make understand that it is the arrangement of various types of telecommunication networks which includes command and control radio networks, industrial field busses and other essential network.

Tree Topology :
Tree Topology is a topology which is having a tree structure in which all the computer are connected like the branches which are connected with the tree. In Computer Network, tree topology is called as a combination of a Bus and Start network topology. The main advantages of this topology are these are very flexible and also have better scalability.

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Tree network topology is considered to be the simplest topology in all the topologies which is having only one route between any two nodes on the network. The pattern of connection resembles a tree in which all branches spring from one root hence (Tree Topology). Tree topology is one of the most popular among five network topology.

Advantages of Tree Topology :

  • This topology is the combination of bus and star topology.
  • This topology provides a hierarchical as well as central data arrangement of the nodes.
  • As the leaf nodes can add one or more nodes in the hierarchical chain, this topology provides high scalability.
  • The other nodes in a network are not affected, if one of their nodes get damaged or not working.
  • Tree topology provides easy maintenance and easy fault identification can be done.
  • A callable topology. Leaf nodes can hold more nodes.
  • Supported by several hardware and software vendors.
  • Point-to-point wiring for individual segments.

Disadvantages of Tree Topology :

  • This network is very difficult to configure as compared to the other network topologies.
  • Length of a segment is limited & the limit of the segment depends on the type of cabling used.
  • Due to the presence of large number of nodes, the network performance of tree topology becomes a bit slowly.
  • If the computer in first level is erroneous, next level computer will also go under problems.
  • Requires large number of cables compared to star and ring topology.
  • As the data needs to travel from the central cable this creates dense network traffic.
  • The Backbone appears as the failure point of the entire segment of the network.
  • Treatment of the topology is pretty complex.
  • The establishment cost increases as well.
  • If the bulk of nodes are added in this network, then the maintenance will become complicated.
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