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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Testing

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Automated Testing is the technique for automating the manual testing process. In this process, manual testing is replaced by the collection of automated testing tools. Automated testing helps the software testers to check out the quality of the software. The mechanical aspects of the software testing task are automated by the automated testing. Advantages of Automated Testing: Automated Testing has the following advantages:
  1. Automated testing improves the coverage of testing as automated execution of test cases is faster than manual execution.
  2. Automated testing reduces the dependability of testing on the availability of the test engineers.
  3. Automated testing provides round the clock coverage as automated tests can be run all time in 24*7 environment.
  4. Automated testing takes far less resources in execution as compared to manual testing.
  5. It helps to train the test engineers to increase their knowledge by producing a repository of different tests.
  6. It helps in testing which is not possible without automation such as reliability testing, stress testing, load and performance testing.
  7. It includes all other activities like selecting the right product build, generating the right test data and analyzing the results.
  8. It acts as test data generator and produces maximum test data to cover a large number of input and expected output for result comparison.
  9. Automated testing has less chances of error hence more reliable.
  10. As with automated testing test engineers have free time and can focus on other creative tasks.
Disadvantages of Automated Testing : Automated Testing has the following disadvantages:
  1. Automated testing is very much expensive than the manual testing.
  2. It also becomes inconvenient and burdensome as to decide who would automate and who would train.
  3. It has limited to some organisations as many organisations not prefer test automation.
  4. Automated testing would also require additionally trained and skilled people.
  5. Automated testing only removes the mechanical execution of testing process, but creation of test cases still required testing professionals.

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Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2020
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