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Adobe Interview | Set 1

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2018
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Following are the details of Adobe Interview.

Round 1
1. How will you implement a stack using a priority queue. Push and pop should be in O(1).
2. Three mislabeled jars problem.

Round 2
1. How does stack look in function calls? Given a recursive function call, how will the stack look like?
2. When does stack (process stack) overflow? What are the remedies?
3. What are balanced BSTs. Then he randomly gave me various numbers and asked me to create a BST. And to balance it.
4. Advantages of linked list over arrays. And arrays over linked list.
5. How are vectors implemented internally in the library. This question revolved around dynamic implementation of arrays. Then discussed the amortized time of the operations using dynamic implementation of arrays.

Round 3
1. There was a question in written round that there is a global static variable ‘lock’ initially set to 0 and there was a code segment given.

lock = 1;
//Critical section
lock = 0; 

Does this solve critical section problem. I answered that it will solve in uni processor system but not in multiprocessor system. Then he asked me to explain my answer. After a long discussion we came to a conclusion that this wont even solve in uni processor system. Then he asked me the solution to solve this. I did that using testandset instruction.

2. When a function is called in thread, what variables can be accessed from it. There was a long discussion on this too. I went in the wrong direction but corrected myself later. Stack variables are copied but heap variables are same.

Round 4
1. What data structures will you use to implement a text editor. Size of editor can be changed and you also need to save the styling information for all the text like italic, bold etc.

Round 5
HR Round: Normal HR questions.

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