Adobe Interview Experience | Set 56 (Off-Campus Full Time for MTS profile)

Round 1: Online Hackerrank Test

Round 2: Technical Round

  1. Asked about past project & challenges faced.
  2. Opening an application as multiple processes but use them such as if one application is opened, another instance, process of same application cannot be opened till previous is closed. Solve with Semaphore.
  3. Puzzle : 100 balls are there, 50 are red & 50 are blue, put them in 2 jars in such a way that probability of picking a ball is always a red ball.
  4. 2 strings implies application with different versions, e.g ApplicationName.a.b.c.d.., where a, b, c, d.. are the numbers, check which version is the latest. Check all the corner cases.

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