Adobe off-campus (for MTS-1)

Round 1: Online

It consisted of 3 programming questions: medium-difficult level

Round 2: F2F technical

Asked to explain any project in detail. Two programming questions:

Lasted for around 40 minutes.

Round 3: F2F technical

Many questions related to OOPs, pointers and references, structure etc.

Code to reverse a linked list iterative,

Questions related to OS: threads and processes, virtual memory, paging, belady’s anomaly.

Lasted for around 50-60 minutes.

Round 4: F2F technical

The interviewer in this round was a senior person. He asked my contributions to all the projects listed. Then asked a few details about them. Many questions related to OS: threading and virtual memory mostly.

Coding ques:

Round 5: HR

Intro, Why Adobe, Compensation and current offers discussion. Lasted for around 10-15 minutes.

People shortlisted after the online round were called for the interviews. The interviews lasted from 10am to 6pm as there were many candidates. All the 3 technical rounds were eliminative.

Result was announced after 14 days.

Verdict: Selected

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