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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 25 (On-Campus for MTS-1)

Last Updated : 23 May, 2019
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Initial Round:
Aptitude Paper: 45 questions to solve in 50mins. The platform was Hackerrank. No negative marking. I solved around 35 approx. correctly.
Online Coding: 3 questions to solve in 90mins. The platform was Hackerrank. Two of them I remember.

  1. Given a string with no spaces and random characters, we have to find that a given word can be formed or not if we start removing one character at a time. If one character is removed then it’s all existences in the string will be removed. Print ‘Yes’ if possible else ‘No’. E.g. finding “hacker” in “bhbalcdkqegr” will print Yes. We also need to consider that “hacker” characters should come in order, I missed this case.
  2. Given an array of 0’s and 1’s. Need to tell a minimum number of swaps required to take all 1’s to one side. Only adjacent swap is allowed.
  3. Don’t remember. Was related to DP.

First Interview (1hr):
Presented himself and what he do. Took resume and asked “Tell me about yourself”.

  • Started with OS

    • Tell me about fragmentation. Internal and External both. How it happens?
    • Asked about Paging.
    • How space is allocated to processes in memory.
    • What is defragmentation? How it works?
    • What happens when I execute a process like play a video in my PC?
    • +more.
  • Coding
    • Asked to write a code to do defragmentation. Basically I converted this problem to an array which contains 0’s for free space and Non-Zero value for used space. Wrote a code of O(n) to shift all non-zero numbers to one side.
    • Write code to make mirror of a binary tree in-place. I said I already know that but still asked to code it.
    • Many memory allocation related problems
      • Write a method which will return me an array of size n every time(every time new).
      • Questions on static variables, malloc, calloc, pointers and how they work.
      • Wrote code on his own laptop and asked to find mistakes (static variables and pointers related).
      • +more
  • Internship
    • What was my role? What I did, learned and experience?
  • Puzzles
    • 5-ltr and 3-ltr jug problem. I said I know this so he skipped.
    • 25 horses problem. First time heard so solved there only.

Do you have any questions?

Second Interview ( 1hr + ):
Saw resume and asked, “Tell me about yourself”. Questions on Internship, same above. Jumped to coding questions then.

  • Make a string tokenizer. A string with its length and token character will be given, now return a 2D array which contains sub-strings of that string separated by that character and stored at different rows of the array.
    e.g “I am a CSE student” and character is space, so now return-
    this should be in a 2D array but ‘NO EXTRA SPACE SHOULD BE USED’. Here you can’t use a 2D array of 5×8(including ‘\0’). Hint: Use an array of pointers, each pointer in the array will point to variable length string.
  • Now write a method which will free the space used by above 2D array.
  • Which data structure you will use to store phone directory so that you can access a person’s number in shortest time?
  • You are given a file which is a phone directory containing Name and phone number in each line of the file. Now give me an efficient algorithm to find a person’s number in the shortest time. You can’t use much space. You can jump to any line by use of seek. Hint: Do a pre-traversal of file.
    I made a 2D array of 26×26 size with a-z and a-z perspective and stored the starting line number of names starting with these characters in pre-traversal and then did a binary search to search in between. E.g searching “ram” will appear between “ra*” and “rb*”.
  • You are given two files A and B, and each contains a number in each line. Print A-B. Consider number are sorted.

At last, he was very satisfied with my approaches and answers.

Third Interview ( 1hr+):
First “Tell me about yourself” and then a long discussion about my Internship. Same above questions of internship but also many questions on Ruby on Rails and about the product which I worked on and my experience, what challenges I faced, what I learned etc.
Then coding questions (all coded on paper):

  • Write a method which returns a hexadecimal representation of a given integer. Easy but same “No space to waste” so the size of the returning array was main. Different in case of 32bit and 64bit systems.
  • Questions on memory allocation and pointers.
  • Reverse words in a string. I Said I know this.
  • What will be the number of unique factors of (pa)*(qb) where p&q are different prime numbers and a,b>0.
  • Write a method returning pivot position in quicksort where initially I will be taking the first value as a pivot. I Said I know this.

I had not asked any questions in the PPT so he asked why I am not asked any questions and I was present or not.
Next, he opened my answers of the online test and asked why my all test cases not passed in 1st question(10/13 had passed) and why I didn’t attempt 3rd question.

Fourth Interview (20-25mins): HR Round

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell me about your Internship in detail. Explained almost everything.
  • When you gets angry?
  • What is your dream job?
  • You was in the PPT? Why you didn’t asked any questions?
  • Tell me about some of the Adobe products.
  • Which is your dream company? I said Adobe is my 1st dream company, so she asked-
    • So, what is your 2nd dream company?
    • What if we don’t hire you?

    “I said I will take the job in any other company for now and will see you again next year.”

  • Gave me an office scenario where my manager is putting pressure on me to complete the work fast and I understand nothing about the work.
  • What will be my preferred location to work?
  • Asked about family background.

*Can be the case that I missed many questions but these are the only one I remember.

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