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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 44 (For MTS-1)

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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First round was online for 75 minutes on hackerrank.
3 sections: Aptitude,Output and 2 coding questions. Coding questions:

  1. Given a string find alphabetically first and last substrings which start with vowel and end with constant.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. Given a set of votes.Find the candidate with maximum number of votes.

There were 3 F2F rounds at Adobe Campus for candidates who cleared the online round

1.F2F Interview:
Asked about projects.

  1. Write a function to generate a string randomly
  2. OS Concepts in Page Tables and Virtual Memory
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. In a continuous stream of words check if a duplicate word exists or not
  4. The interviewer was very friendly and was giving good directions of help.
    It was easy to clear this round 🙂

2.F2F Interview:

  1. Difference between process and threads
  2. Write a function to calculate x^n with least complexity
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. Given a stream of words. Write a function to return K maximum frequently occurring words
  4. Check if one string is a rotation of other
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  5. What is architecture of AngularJs. I had mentioned angularJs in my resume
  6. Given an array of pairs (Z,A),(A,F),(G,H),(F,G)
    Construct a chained string out the given pairs. Z-A-F-G-H
    The interviewer was expecting answers to the point.
  7. I had cleared the 2nd round too.

3.F2F Interview:

  1. In a DBMS table in Gender Column M and F are exchanged.
    Write a query to correct the column values.
  2. Implement queue using two stacks
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. This question appears tough to solve but has very easy logic
  4. I tried my best but could not answer this question.
    All the questions can be answered with simple logic and presence of mind.
    Complicated solutions leave a negative opinion on the interviewer.

Thank you GeeksForGeeks for providing an amazing platform :). A one stop solution for Geeks!!!!

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