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Adobe Interview Experience for MTS-1

  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2020

Round 1: Interviewer asked me to choose one of the topics from programming, DS and algorithms. This was a C++ specific drive so I chose programming.

He asked me to write a program where an array is given and we need to print the elements of array in such a order that we get the highest number. Eg – input (23, 234, 3, 231, 56) output- 56323423231

I solved it but he was smart enough to determine the cases in which my code failed, then he told me to improve my logic.

Next he asked me to write a code to determine the number of steps in which a number would become one based on the following conditions:

If number is odd – n=3n+1 and if number is even – n=n/2

In this he wanted to check how i handle the boundary cases and those cases in which my number is always increasing.

Asked a bit about my current work too.

Feedback was positive.

Round 2:

Asked about my graduation percentage and current project.

He gave me a question where he asked me to create a doubly linked list from leafs of a given binary tree in logn complexity.

After 2-3 attempts I achieved the logn complexity. He seemed to be impressed by my approach.

Next he gave me a question where I was given an array and a window size ‘k’ and I need to tell all max element in the different windows possible. For e.g. Suppose array as 10 elements and window size is 5 then I need to print max in 0-5, 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9 and 5-10 positions.

I solved it and then he asked me to reduce the complexity. I then used a queue of capacity k, and the same was expected by him.

Asked questions on virtual functions and constructor overloading and some OOPS concepts

Feed back – positive

Round 3: 

A rat and poisoned milk bottle puzzle, I solved it in 2nd attempt. He was ok with it

He gave me a tree with elements in sorted order when traversed in a BFS style.

He asked me to write a function which would return the node whose data matches the input value .

I took some time and show him the code I wrote, he was not impressed with my logic and complexity and asked me to optimize, I sort of got stuck.

He then gave me 1 more similar question and asked me to optimize the approach.

Feedback – negative.

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