Accolite Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus)

Accolite visited our campus for recruiting Full time employees as well as interns. The process started with pre-placement talks and then we had to undergo a 5-round process.

Round 1: 
The first round was conducted online,which consisted of MCQ’s covering CC++, OS, DBMS. We had to answer 20 questions, and yes there was a negative marking (-0.25) for each wrong answer.

Round 2

1. Find the left view and right view of a tree.
2. Find pair of numbers in an array which are equal to a given sum.
3. Find triplets in an array equal to a given sum along with complexity.
I couldn’t answer the first one, but answered the last two. So I guess I was rejected for that reason. If you want to clear Accolite interview my advice would be to read a lot of algorithms and problems in GeeksforGeeks.

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