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Accolite Digital Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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Interview process:

Round 1:

  • The first round was a game-based round on the Eduthrill platform, where we need to do at least 20 assessments where each assessment lasts for 5-6 mins around 4-5 mcqs for each assessment.
  • The mcqs were on Technical( Data structures, OS, CN, OOPS, etc ). You need to get at least 60% to clear this round.

Round 2: Coding

  • This was a coding round, where I was given a problem on the array and 1 hour time to code it.

Round 3: Technical Round 1

  • After 20-25 days, I got a call that I have a technical round 1. This round went for exactly 1 hr. The interviewer introduced himself and asked me to give a brief self-introduction.
  • Then I was asked about my projects and some related questions on them. Then the interviewer asked me to code in notepad the following:
  • Hello World program in JAVA and asked what is public, static, void.
  • Small SQL query to update student first name, last name where student id is given
  • 2 debugging questions
  • Find a missing value in the array containing numbers in range 1 to n, except one is missing
  • Given a string find whether it can be rearranged to form a palindrome or not
  • After coding questions, the interviewer asked basic questions on OOPS(compile-time polymorphism, static keyword, etc ).

Round 4: Technical Round 2

  • This round is also very similar to Technical round – 1. This round went for 50 mins. The interview began with my self-introduction. Then some basic questions are as follows:
  • Difference b/w structure and class
  • Diff b/w i++ and i+=1
  • Operator Overloading, other basic questions in OOPS
  • Normalization, diff b/w integrity, and consistency, etc in DBMS
  • And some other basic questions
  • Next, The interviewer asked me to give approaches and code anyone approach of 2 coding in.
  • Segregate 0s, 1s, 2s
  • Consider any three values in an array and find the maximum possible product where the array contains +ve and -ve values.

Round 5: HR round

  • Mostly general questions were asked.
  • Introduce yourself
  • Questions on projects
  • Why Accolite
  • Why do we need to hire you
  • What are your strengths
  • What is your biggest achievement in life
  • How you have evolved in pandemic
  • Describe yourself in one word

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2021
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