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5 Things You Should Avoid While Using Social Media

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Social media has been around for decades, and we as netizens have been finding several ways to use it. We may use it to post our status on a daily basis, watch our favorite videos, movies and walkthroughs, regular chat, and in many other emerging ways. Many people, be it high school students or even employed professionals have been using it to create awareness as well. While there are ways in which we can entertain ourselves like never before there are such ways also that make us restless and overthink a lot.

5 Things You Should Avoid While Using Social Media

Along with knowing how to use social media the right way, we should also know the ways in which we should not be using it. This way we will know the difference between entertainment and addiction. This has been a pressing situation that has been going out of control for a long time. Although it all starts off as if it doesn’t really matter, it gradually builds up momentum to a stage where our brain just gets stuck in an infinite loop. So here are 5 such ways you shouldn’t be using social media:

1. Too Much Posting

So, we initiate the list with ‘too much posting’. Our minds may be easily attracted after seeing so many posts that appear to be never-ending. In that flow, we may also decide unknowingly that we should be posting that way as well. But, we never realize the pain of having to monitor them all on a constant basis. You’ll obviously be interested in responding to every single one of those comments and this is where dis-satisfaction, personal emotions, and several other factors add additional pressure onto you. And, that’s not worth it.

2. Goal Independent Posting

Here is one of those parts which we know is important but still tends to deviate from. There should always be a goal that should be thought of before posting anything at all. For example, if we consider the various YouTube channels, each channel posts content regarding a specific domain and doesn’t deviate from that. Sticking to your Goal will not only help you to achieve the actual purpose of posting but will also take away the additional pressure of monitoring posts that are not of any interest to you in the first place.

3. Aiming for Perfection

Here is another red flag that will strike like a ton of brick on your mind. From the day you start posting, you must remember the basic rule which is to never aim for perfection. Consider a poll, there will obviously be multiple options to choose from and you can clearly see different percentages of votes for different options. That’s how opinions vary from person to person. If this weren’t true then everyone would have picked the same option, Agreed?

There are different opinions that you can expect on each post such as positive, negative, unsure, or even mixed. You can’t be a perfect person in everyone’s book so just because you get too many negative responses on a post doesn’t mean that you have zero knowledge on it and of course vice versa. So, here’s another lesson, focus on becoming better regularly in your domain, and of course, keep the above factors in mind as well.

4. Going Too Personal

This is another pressing situation leading to many disputes these days. Remember the points listed above as they are all closely related to this intriguing issue. One may ask “How are they even related?”. Ok, let’s get to the explanation now.

On posting too much and not receiving the responses you needed, you may start wondering and decide on including something personal hoping that the emotional connection will get you the response you need. But in reality, while the positive motivations may cheer you up the negative ones are the ones your brain is going to remember for a long time. So, unknowingly your brain aimed for perfection and of course you did deviate from your goal.

Hence, always remember to never look for temporary satisfaction. Also, remember that no matter how painstaking you try to describe your personal feelings on a platform, it doesn’t really matter in the end.

5. Constant Gazing and Nothing Else

Let’s address the last mistake which is an aggregation of all the mistakes mentioned so far. Once we start seeing many posts on our favorite topics on Facebook, we just can’t stop scrolling down over and over again, can we? This has been the case on many other social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. This is an addiction that is much more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco.

We might come across this old school situation: “We schedule to study for around 2 hours. But around 15 minutes before that, we decide to look at let’s say YouTube for another 30 minutes saying to ourselves that mere 30 minutes won’t hurt and those 30 minutes turn into 90 eventually!”

Remember the temporary satisfaction we just discussed. Mind masters the body but it shouldn’t be the slave, Agreed? Train your mind to be in control at all costs. You can Meditate or try to be busy with something else which is far more useful & worthwhile. This is the key to avoiding every single way of going on the wrong path!

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Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2021
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