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10 Best WordPress Plugins to Consider in 2021

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  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2021
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WordPress is famous because WordPress plugins are available in bulk approximately more than 55,000. Each of them is stuffed with simple and flexible ways through which they can make some improvements and grow your online businesses in a skyrocket manner. But here is the trickiest ultimatum – which of the WordPress plugins can add entirely new features like extended storage, data migration, or website optimization keeping in mind the latest SEO guidelines? 


In spite of wasting so much time on calling the WordPress support team to ask which plugin can nurture the existing requirements of the targeted customer base, let’s take a dive on the top ones which can make the websites professionally flexible and quote the solutions well in real-time within the customer’s budget.

1. Simplifying Backup and Restoration Well with Updraft Plus              

Backup and Restoration of your website’s data involves the creation and storage of periodic copies of data that may be accessed even if an event of data corruption has occurred. Thinking whether or not any of the WordPress Plugins support such smooth and easy backups/ restores! Yeah, Updraft Plus whose pro version starts with the pricing of 42 Dollars for a year (no need to worry about its free version as it is available for managing your multiple backup schedules). Moreover, it may integrate smoothly with cloud storage services like DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, WebDAV, and RackSpace for enhancing the reporting and backup time of storage files. Indeed, the plugin can be recommended from a security perspective since automatic security solutions have already been conveyed (via emails) to more than 3 million users to date. Henceforth, if server crashes or bugs evolve during the data updation process, then Updraft Plus can handle such issues well by restoring all the files (older or newer) of your website instantaneously through the 1-click restore option.

2. Adding Customizable E-Commerce Function Using WooCommerce              

Are you aware of the fact that E-commerce options are customizable? Yes, for accompanying changes in the design and development work of a website, those E-Commerce options can be customized in many creative ways. But which plugin can do all such customizations at your WordPress accounts in a user-friendly manner? WooCommerce plugin (with more than 5 million WooCommerce stores active currently) will be assisting you with its all-in-one features package which is both – free and paid (the paid version of WooCommerce costs between 20 to 100 dollars per year). Such features are – integration of payment options like PayPal, Credit Cards, and Bank Transfer with a particular webpage, inventory management tools tracking your e-commerce store stocks, extensions like bookings and subscriptions, and live sales notifications for boosting up your product’s sales online. So, you can start your own eCommerce store via the WooCommerce plugin and access its extended functionalities like dynamic pricing, geolocation support, and one-page checkouts. This will benefit you while you communicate with your customers in terms of building valuable relations with them by selling your services and products online even to those customers not identified through traditional commercial mediums.

3. Optimizing Cache and Website Performance through WP Rocket          

Website Cache and performance are related to each other. The more is the website’s cache, the more is the loading time of your website due to which the website may depict poor performances. Still curious to know about the plugin that may occupy itself with WordPress for speeding up the loading of your web pages! WP Rocket flourishing itself with more than 1 million active installations could be a right fit in this context with many options supported like Database optimization, minification of HTML codes, concatenation of JS and CSS files, and loading of images of a particular webpage only when a visitor scrolls the page down. Through all these options, you may expect a boost in the website’s performance only at a price of 49 dollars per year. According to TechRadar, this caching plugin has been experimented with more than 1.28 lakhs websites (of WordPress) and instantly improved their indexing on various search engines. So, this plugin is the greatest strength of your webpage which can willingly recast your website into a rocket, inclusive of regular updates and excellent customer support, and brilliantly derives gold-standard performances with no requirement of technical skills. What you need to do is to configure and install WP Rocket for experiencing boosted speeds of your web pages.

4. Akismet Plugin Fighting with Captured Spams

Spams, either captured or uncaptured, are really bad. This is because they may damage the reputation of your brand thereby wasting your time and money as well. Planning to get rid of such spam coming in front of your eyes as unsolicited communications such as emails, messages, and other types of notifications! Akismet plugin can be installed from your WordPress Account/ Accounts for restricting such spam as the plugin has capably filtered out more than 52 million spam comments or notifications to date. Additionally, there is a free and paid version (the paid version price ranges between 4 to 82 dollars per month depending upon if you are choosing plus or enterprise Akismet protection) you may choose as per your pocket and requirements. In a nutshell, Akismet has saved you 2 hours by cleaning or blocking the spam notifications itself after you activate it by piercing every character of its API key at the correct tab of your WordPress dashboard.  

5. Innovatively Optimize Site’s Content and Keywords through Yoast SEO            

Yoast SEO is a great WordPress Plugin and popular in the current times actively installed by more than 5 Million users. Thinking if you could set your own content types with this plugin! Yes, Yoast SEO lets you not only create your type of content, but also ensures better readability so that it may rank well on the initial page of Google, Firefox, Mozilla, or Bing. Known in the market for its green, red, and orange lights, this highly functional plugin lets you control the quality of keywords, meta descriptions, and titles; as well as responsibly creates an efficient XML sitemap. All these attributes of this plugin assure that your content meets the conditions of high-quality SEO standards somewhere helping your businesses derive impressive ROI and optimized user experience by enhancing the visibility of your content so much that it reaches a larger section of the audience with no compromise on the technical Optimization requirements of the available search engines.

6. WPForms Allowing You to Drag ‘N’ Drop Multiple Forms                            

Multiple forms are really important to access genuine business emails. But those can’t be multifunctional if there are no drag and drop options. With WPForms, it is possible to access those emails, and thereby, you may save not only a lot of time, but energy too, at times you will be managing such responses. Besides, its sterling speed won’t make you feel worried if it may slow your website’s speed down. Curious to know if this tool thinks about whether your business needs email marketing services! Yes, it has come up with tons of email marketing services that will help you build relationships, for longer times, with happy customers means more money. Thus, you must configure your WordPress accounts with WPForms plugin supported by amazing PRE-BUILD FORM templates whose drag-and drop-options when mixing well with the plugin’s features like user journey tracking, GDPR (General-Data-Protection-Regulation) friendly landing pages will boost up the rate of sales and leads of your businesses without trading-off security of information like what people purchase your business services in actual?

7. Activating Duplicator Plugin for Complete Website Restoration                        

Activating the Duplicator plugin implies actuating benefits of website restoration or re-establishing enough ways for data migration and data recovery. Rather, the biggest strength of this fail-proof plugin relies upon its installable web scripts which if automated well invites more customer buzz along with online media attention. And even after you or the other developers are working simultaneously on the available domains, then this plugin stages itself well with a long list of advantages from the business perspective. Pondering if or not Duplicator is paid! You can straightforwardly use either its free or paid version whose cost starts from 69 US Dollars. So, ready yourself up for experiencing the backup and migration power of this super simple solution for your WordPress account adapting itself (i.e. Duplicator) well with changing complexities of risks and errors like lower-level security, problems in navigation speed due to malware, and other online Trojans.

8. Really Simple SSL plugin for Activating Sockets with No Code                    

Alright, HTTPS or HTTP – this is mostly not picked properly by many of us. HTTPS is better and stronger than HTTP because it not only handles multiple requests of a server but also provides better security to your websites. Questioning why to consider this for your WordPress account? The answer to all your queries is Really Simple SSL Plugin with which it is easier to detect the need for an SSL certificate (which is an eminent requirement to access the HTTPS merits) and install it for avoiding NOT SECURE WARNINGS after the sockets are activated without any need of code. In addition, the plugin supports automatic redirection which is not less than a one-click solution for your websites managed and monitored by WordPress. So, all you need to do is start making use of this plugin which can capably handle many of the technical aspects while migrating your site/sites to a secure version of primary security protocol i.e. HTTPS.

9. Redirection Plugin for Managing Website Redirections and Tracking Errors            

Web. redirect. Or Website Redirections and tracking errors like server not found, forbidden client error, or internal server error are important as they present if your website is able to reciprocate the longevity required. With the controllable numerous redirection options underpinned by the Redirection plugin for WordPress, you may engage yourself with analyzing what posts and pages are facing slower responses and fix those right away so that visitors of your sites or pages don’t feel frustrated at times they need the information loaded as your website’s content in the form of service. Moreover, this plugin does not demand much technical knowledge so WordPress beginners can do the redirection management with much accuracy and precision. All they need to do now is install this plugin and detect the number of redirects excessively holding back the website’s performance from an SEO point of view.

10. PushEngage Plugin Helping You in Growing Traffic and Conversions 

Traffic and Conversions can’t be pushed to the doorsteps of a particular website. This is because they demand qualified leads which you may only gather when the notifications of all types of customers fall properly onto your WordPress accounts. Figuring how to set such notifications in a truly customized manner! PushEngage plugin lets you personalize those notifications (either it is an Abandoned Cart or FYI) so that more people seeing your sites may be converted into valuable and potential customers. Besides, this top 5 TRAFFIC SOURCE tool can be applied to perceive powerful analytics, enhanced dynamic user segmentation, price drop alerts, inventory-related alerts, and much more. So, instead of waiting for someone to boost the traffic and conversion rates, customize the notifications of this all-in-one growing tool and visualize how well this tool monitors both TFC and CNV and creates an overall positive user experience mandatory for the stable performance of your websites over a period of time?

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