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10 Best Cloud Computing Project Ideas

Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2021
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Cloud Computing is responding well to the changing needs of the current times. Those needs are either be of businesses or educational institutions like colleges, schools which have to be fulfilled with cost-effective and scalable solutions. And to learn how one can implement such solutions well, it is necessary to know how the notions of cloud computing can be mapped with real-time problems. Imagining if such problems could be considered as challenges and accepted in the form of project ideas! Yes, they could be the project ideas confined to the algorithms of Natural Language Processing or Artificial Intelligence responding well to the queries of customers or rural people. 


Let’s take a look at a few cloud computing project ideas you must explore well for better personal learning about the computational power of cloud technology.

1. Smart Traffic Management (STM)

STM means Smart Traffic Management. This project uses cloud computing power to reduce the waiting time request of your vehicle at peak traffic hours primarily. Such management will be depicted by an application that can potentially simulate the movement of vehicles like cars, scooters, and three-wheelers after analyzing real-time traffic. For beginners afraid of applying traffic management techniques to real-life problems, this project will help them strengthen their decision-making process. This is because they will be deriving the shortest path and time for a vehicle so that it may not get trapped by traffic congestion. Still thinking about how this project will predict the shortest path and minimum time for a vehicle! Through three-layered networks of a wireless sensor, vehicle routing, and updated coordinates of a vehicle’s source and destination, vehicles moving in modern cities can be tracked and monitored well. Later, video processing algorithms will measure the intensity of traffic influencing events like fluctuations in weather conditions, driving zones, and other special events. At last, traffic data will be extracted and analyzed for improving the overall efficiency of a vehicle to reach the destination, by picking up the available shortest path, in minimum time.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are Artificially-Intelligent Softwares showing responsiveness towards the existing queries. Those queries may either be of a student or an employee, depending upon the requirements in real-times. But this project will promisingly let the beginners prepare a software whose database is cloud-based and let a student get responses for the queries he/she may enter. Are you curious to know how this project will be identifying the answers? With NLP i.e Natural Language Processing and ML i.e Machine Learning algorithms, a list of appropriate responses will be entered in those chatbots which will answer the questions (these are the input patterns) of a student in a goal-oriented manner. This is one of the reasons why the project is popular and preferred by many cloud-computing aspirants. Besides, the thing which can’t be avoided in this project is connectivity with a website you are using. After the website is linked with the chatbot, you will be able to analyze how many users have started talking with the chatbot and to what extent the project is accurately and precisely answering to the variety of visitors always waiting for someone to help them fulfill their requirements.        

3. Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker isn’t only simple but effective to use for identifying and killing a variety of bugs. Those bugs may occur due to errors in communication, syntax, calculations, or commands. Thinking how such bugs may be identified in a shorter span! For doing the same, a person using this tracker (who may either be an administrator, staff member, or some customer) will determine the type and source of the bug just by logging in to this application via a valid username and strong password. Then, the person may review the details regarding the bug like the date of bug creation, the time for which the bug lasted in the system, and so on. In case the bug isn’t related directly or indirectly to the administrator, he/she may transfer its details to a staff member or vice versa. If required, the bug details may also be sent to the customers if the same (i.e. bug) is troubling them. The benefit will be that the customers not able to find solutions for that bug will directly by contacting the administrator for the much-required solutions. In this manner, the customers need not waste their time analyzing the searches and labels of this Bug Tracker as the administrator has provided the solutions that can detect and eliminate a bug in a shorter span. 

4. Detecting Data Leaks Using SQL

Data Leaks have become common in this pandemic era and their consequences are hazardous to innocent users. This is because they may occur in a known or unknown manner since it has many types. Either your password gets stolen when any of your friends get successful in remembering the keystrokes or some ransomware starts taking charge of your system as well as mind, all these are a variety of data leaks. In this project, a system will be prepared through cloud technology whose security will be AESX Encryption based. Are you thinking about how this will prevent the existing security vulnerabilities (like an SQL Injection)? For doing the same successfully, the software detecting the data leaks will do the content inspection and contextual analysis both. Through them, the users (which may either be an assaulter) will be categorized in accordance with the messages or activities they are performing over the internet. Later, if the messages sent by a user are inviting security vulnerabilities in a knowing or unknowing manner, such messages and the users are identified and the software (packed with DLP i.e. Data Loss Prevention solutions) will intelligently restrict those users or take some strict actions against them for preventing such losses in terms of money or mental health. On an overall basis, this project will ideally ensure the privacy and security of your information stored on the e-commerce platforms at which you may log in daily or frequently.     

5. Android Offloading

Android Offloading would be a direct approach to facilitate easy offloading. Now you may ask what the offloading is? Offloading is a combination of Off + Loading which means switching off or reducing the load. That load may either be on an operating system like Android or Windows, depending upon the complexity of the environment. In this project, students will be proposing an offloading framework that uses cloud-based servers. Such servers will be reducing a load of Android by letting the users shift the heavy workload applications onto those virtual servers consisting of benefits of cloud storage. With this, various processes running in the foreground or background of your Android phones may now execute other important tasks as space is now made available for them. Here, users may select a process or the associated file to conveniently record the timestamp analysis. Such analysis will determine for how long the existing applications are using Android resources and computing power and what are the non-interacting components of the existing applications? With this, those non-interactive portions and space-occupying tasks are shifted towards the cloud-based servers thereby empowering the smartphones to exhibit robotic offload in real-times. This would be an ideal choice for beginners as such a project will be helping the companies determine if their existing systems are capable of extracting profit margins or not within the existing market circumstances!

6. Blood Banking Via Cloud Computing

Blood Banking is a process that utilizes well, the existing scientific methods, for facilitating the transfusion of blood. Depending upon the blood type and availability of donors in that particular area, this project can cater to such parameters well through a central database strengthened with the computing power of scalable and efficient cloud storage. You may think about how the doctors and other professional medical experts will identify which donor is the best! The answer is the previous track records. This online cloud-based Blood Banking system will highlight the key contributions of the donors in previous months or years and determine the quality of results produced by his/her blood. With this, doctors and other practitioners are now assured with the ease of access to blood (either A+, B+, AB+, or O-)  during an emergency period. Also, this will be helping the beginners understand the importance of blood banks and what are the consequences patients need to face when the blood which could be transfused to their veins isn’t provided at their booked slots.

7. Attendance Tracker

Attendance Tracker could be an award-winning project for college students or beginners in the field of cloud computing. This is because such a tracker will help investigate anomalies in the current attendance records. With this tracker, students may hypnotize their teachers or experienced authorities of management because the tracker has so much potential that it can identify which students are irregular to their classes and not ready to establish connectivity with the actual concepts of their curriculum’s subjects. The tracker works fine with Azure cloud that manages the analytics and networking of cloud-oriented applications well. As soon as you enter a student’s Enrollment Number or Name, details like availability in classes, number of lectures attended will be displayed and no proxies are possible since the tracker is supported by Azure cloud capabilities. Even the security offered is so robust and powerful that those naughty students who always fool their deans are caught in a shorter span – just after the admin enters login details into this tracker. All this will improve accuracy and transparency in any of the educational institutions as students and their parents are pre-informed about the real-time status of leave requests and absenteeism in a confidential manner and at reduced costs. 

8. Rural Banking

This project supports the service of rural banking for smaller rural communities constantly looking for robust and strengthened deposit mobilization mechanisms. The reason is obvious – the collection of cash or other funds during emergency situations. Thinking about how this will boost up the overall rural development! With this rural banking system, villagers may effectively engage themselves with online banking activities and understand the importance of online transactions promisingly using cloud servers. The prime benefit is that students will show their active participation in enlightening the rural people about the benefits of transfer and withdrawal of cash deposited in their registered bank accounts. Indeed, these project ideas boost the demands of banking institutions up in rural areas because the villagers are now confident about the one-touch online transactions they can do with this rural banking system and keep themselves away from poverty and unemployment.    

9. Text CAT.

Text CAT. (Categorization) is an ideal project choice for beginners especially students interested to learn the real-time implications of business analytics. Thinking about how this project is adaptive towards the welfare of a company! With NLP algorithms and flexible work practices of Business Analytics, the company’s data may be classified and categorized as organized sets for better decision-making. Those sets provide conceptual views of the company’s content/ information thereby ensuring efficiency and scalability in the business processes. Also, this will be helping the company experts access better data quality since operational efficiency will now be not compromised with the changing market trends. Besides, with the valuable analysis of this project somewhere dependent on the potential of cloud servers, customer satisfaction can be achieved accurately and precisely as the features of this project track and monitor the key performance indicators quickly and sincerely.  

10. ENC. Cloud Storage

ENC. i.e. Encrypted Cloud Storage project is a thoroughly encrypted and adaptive model for analyzing variability in business atmospheres. All that data synchronized at cloud servers is stored in encrypted files consisting of cipher codes. Thinking how such cipher codes will be decrypted in a language easily understood by the employees and seniors? Here, the project uses a number system and its types which not only process but store the data files securely and with utmost encrypted-ness. The benefit of doing such a project is that students will be able to visualize the convenient ways of sharing the files in different formats and how the cloud storage enhances automation and synchronization through its disaster recovery or backup plans? Besides, the synchronization feature available in this project lets the users access their files from the connected cloud storage (from any part of the world) without any hustles of copy and paste.   

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