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Dinic’s algorithm for Maximum Flow

Problem Statement : Given a graph which represents a flow network where every edge has a capacity. Also given two vertices source ‘s’ and sink ‘t’ in the graph, find the maximum possible flow from s to t with following constraints : Flow on an edge doesn’t exceed the given capacity of the edge. Incoming… Read More »

Max Flow Problem Introduction

Maximum flow problems involve finding a feasible flow through a single-source, single-sink flow network that is maximum. Let’s take an image to explain how above definition wants to say. Each edge is labeled with a capacity, the maximum amount of stuff that it can carry. The goal is to figure out how much stuff can… Read More »

Find minimum s-t cut in a flow network

In a flow network, an s-t cut is a cut that requires the source ‘s’ and the sink ‘t’ to be in different subsets, and it consists of edges going from the source’s side to the sink’s side.