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ZS Associates Interview Experience for BTA Role 2021

Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2020
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Phase One: It consisted of 3 sections: (You have to pass each section to get into the next)

  1. Online Test: (Only MCQ’s) having 4 sections: Verbal, Logical Reasoning, CS subject quiz, and Aptitude. (46 questions 40 minutes)
  2. PSDD: Basically a mini business case with different graphs and you have to solve the MCQs based on the same. (10 questions 25 minutes)
  3. Video Round: Basic HR questions were flashed on the screen. You have to record your answer as the timer starts(3 minutes window for each question). (8 questions 24 minutes)

These rounds were conducted on TalView Platform.

Phase Two: Those who qualified the phase one were given the opportunity to attend phase two. It consisted of 3 rounds:

  1. Case Study (Writing): This was also conducted on talview. At first, we were shown a video description of the case study. Thereafter we were given 60 minutes to read the case study as well as write your answers to the questions based on the case study.  

    For example: My case study was based on Supermarket Database(It had 5 tables like customer invoice info, customer details, product details, product quantity, Discounts)

    I had to write Queries/Data flow diagrams for generating a report(Structure was given in the example). And also had some questions based on query optimization.

  2. Case Study(Discussion): This round was conducted on zoom. This round was about case debriefing. In this round, I had to discuss the case study with a ZS interviewer. He also asked for a puzzle. Discussed the projects I had done. Lastly, remember to ask the interviewer a question about his experience or that kinda thing. You will get a call based on the performance of this round to  

  3. EBI + FIT: This was also conducted on zoom. It was basically a Technical and HR round. First I introduced myself, discussed my projects. Thereafter the ZS leader asked me questions about my project. He also asked some project management questions, followed by a guesstimate (Asked the surface area of my city). Some common HR questions (Why ZS ? Why this role ? How will you manage the long hours at ZS?). The round ended with me asking him questions about his experience and his learning curve.

Overall it was a good experience for me(Definitely tedious).  Finally, I got the role.

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