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Zoho Interview | Set 3 (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
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Hi!! I recently attended ZOHO off-campus drive.

APTITUDE(1 hr and 20 minutes-20 questions): Problems on average, probability, time & distance, alligation&mixture,ratio, HCF & LCM and few a puzzles.

TECHNICAL(45 minutes-10 questions): Output for C questions. Practice questions in and C output questions in Questions in pointers, strings, matrix etc.

Nearly 60 students were selected out of 600 candidates. They didn’t select the top 60. They had a cutoff and those who cleared the cutoff were called for the next round


1. Write a program to give the following output for the given input

Eg 1: Input: a1b10
       Output: abbbbbbbbbb
Eg: 2: Input: b3c6d15
          Output: bbbccccccddddddddddddddd
The number varies from 1 to 99.

2. Write a program to sort the elements in odd positions in descending order and elements in ascending order

Eg 1: Input: 13,2 4,15,12,10,5
        Output: 13,2,12,10,5,15,4
Eg 2: Input: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
        Output: 9,2,7,4,5,6,3,8,1 

3. Write a program to print the following output for the given input. You can assume the string is of odd length

Eg 1: Input: 12345
1       5
  2   4
  2  4
1      5
Eg 2: Input: geeksforgeeks
g                         s
  e                     k
    e                 e
      k             e
        s         g
          f      r
          f     r
        s         g
      k             e
    e                 e
  e                      k
g                          s 

4. Find if a String2 is substring of String1. If it is, return the index of the first occurrence. else return -1.

Eg 1:Input:
        String 1: test123string
         String 2: 123
        Output: 4
Eg 2: Input:
        String 1: testing12
        String 2: 1234 
        Output: -1

5. Given two sorted arrays, merge them such that the elements are not repeated

Eg 1: Input:
        Array 1: 2,4,5,6,7,9,10,13
        Array 2: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,15
       Merged array: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15 

6. Using Recursion reverse the string such as

Eg 1: Input: one two three
      Output: three two one
Eg 2: Input: I love india
      Output: india love I 

19 cleared this round and they were called for the next round. The next round took place on the next day


1) Design a Call taxi booking application
-There are n number of taxi’s. For simplicity, assume 4. But it should work for any number of taxi’s.
-The are 6 points(A,B,C,D,E,F)
-All the points are in a straight line, and each point is 15kms away from the adjacent points.
-It takes 60 mins to travel from one point to another
-Each taxi charges Rs.100 minimum for the first 5 kilometers and Rs.10 for the subsequent kilometers.
-For simplicity, time can be entered as absolute time. Eg: 9hrs, 15hrs etc.
-All taxi’s are initially stationed at A.
-When a customer books a Taxi, a free taxi at that point is allocated
-If no free taxi is available at that point, a free taxi at the nearest point is allocated.
-If two taxi’s are free at the same point, one with lower earning is allocated
-Note that the taxi only charges the customer from the pickup point to the drop point. Not the distance it travels from an adjacent point to pickup the customer.
-If no taxi is free at that time, booking is rejected

Design modules for

1)    Call taxi booking 
Input 1:
Customer ID: 1
Pickup Point: A
Drop Point: B
Pickup Time: 9

Output 1:
Taxi can be allotted.
Taxi-1 is allotted

Input 2:
Customer ID: 2
Pickup Point: B
Drop Point: D
Pickup Time: 9

Output 1:
Taxi can be allotted.
Taxi-2 is allotted 

(Note: Since Taxi-1 would have completed its journey when second booking is done, so Taxi-2 from nearest point A which is free is allocated)

Input 3:
Customer ID: 3
Pickup Point: B
Drop Point: C
Pickup Time: 12

Output 1:
Taxi can be allotted.
Taxi-1 is allotted 

2) Display the Taxi details

Taxi No:    Total Earnings:
BookingID    CustomerID    From    To    PickupTime    DropTime    Amount
Taxi-1    Total Earnings: Rs. 400

1     1     A    B    9    10    200
3    3    B    C    12    13    200

Taxi-2 Total Earnings: Rs. 350
2    2    B    D    9    11    350 

These were just sample inputs. It should work for any input that they give.
Those who finished both the modules within 3 hours and if it worked for all the inputs they give, those candidates were given extra modules to work with.

Only 9 candidates made it to the next round

Questions were on project, c, oops concepts, DBMS and a few puzzles. They might ask you more on new scenarios relating to your project.

Question were on c, c++, java(like threads, synchronization etc.), Discussion about questions from first, second and third round. He even asked me to solve a few questions from the first round. He gave me a few puzzles to solve

General questions about my pros and cons and discussion on my resume(be thorough with your resume). She finally asked me if I had any queries.

She asked me some family details and gave some scenarios and asked me to what I will do in such situations(like if I am given the power to change 3 things in india, what all will I change) and a few general questions.

I didn’t get direct placement in ZOHO but I got an internship offer. If I perform well in my internship, I will get an offer. Round 3 was the toughest and if you perform exceptionally well and as they expect in that round, you will definitely make it through. Many thanks to for helping me out in my preparation.

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