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Zoho Interview Experience for Software Developer 2021

Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021
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Hi All,  

I would like to contribute my interview experience with Zoho in June 2021 for Software Developer role here.  

First of all, I would like to thank geeks for geeks for this wonderful platform.

There are totally 6 rounds. 

Round 1(Online Test ): 90 minutes

  • I got online test invite link from HR. 
  • There are 20 questions. 10 questions from aptitude and 10 questions from c output.  
  • Level: Medium to hard.

Round 2(Programming Round): 3 hours

I got mail after one week about the next level L2 programming round. It consist of about 5 programming question which needs to be completed in 3 Hours of time. Need to show output using screen sharing option of Zoho meetings app.

  1. Sort array based on frequency.?
  2. Find the substring pattern in the given string.? substring will include ‘*’ to match any character.
  3. Evaluate the expression of string.?(I used stack to do this.)

I just completed 3 questions and selected for next level programming round. 

Round 3(Advanced Programming Round): 3 hours

  • I got a mail after one week about next level L3 programming round.
  • This is application development round using c,c++,java or any other OOP based programming language.
  • I was asked to create Employee management system.
  • Programming language used :  Java

Round 4(Technical Round): 1 hour

  • I got a mail after one week of time for technical interview.
  • I was asked about my Project in deep and java based interview question.

Round 5(Managerial Round): 1 hour

  • I got a mail after one week of time for technical interview II.
  • I was asked about myself, family, background.
  • Questions on DBMS, few puzzles , about my work experience.
  • Questions on my resume

Round 6(HR interview): 30 minutes

  • I got a mail after one week of time for HR interview. Questions are
  • Tell me about yourself.?
  • current salary.? Expected salary.?
  • Some basic HR questions.

Note: Please be prepared before applying.

Result : Selected

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