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You don’t need to type fast to be a developer

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Nov, 2018
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In this article, I want to share my story how I got into tech even though I’m not a fast typer.

Long story short, during my birth I suffered from a lack of oxygen in the brain, this affected the right part of my body. Because of that, I’m unable to type as fast as other developers.

It was not easy in the beginning : So in my first contact with programming, I got frustrated. I was always the last one to finish the algorithms exercises. I just assumed that I wasn’t good enough, that programming was not for me.
Then, I decided to focus on other areas. Until I end up in an internship where I spent the majority of my time following a process to test hardware boards. There I saw an opportunity to automate those processes, and then again coding came to my life.

Programming came back to me again : After some digging, I saw that the python language had some frameworks for the task.
So I took the courage and started to learn python and automate the tests. Surprisingly I just love it. I started to get really excited about my work, and when I got home I would study more.
This time I was not comparing myself to other developers, instead, I focused on my on progress.
So I took the courage and decided to shift my career to Software Engineering.

Getting back to career as Software Developer : I start studying web development by my own, and with the time I learned so many shortcuts in for the code editor that the fact of typing slowly does not affect my productivity anymore.
After 8 months of self-study, 5 of them at full-time. I got the first job as a Full-Stack developer, and I’ve been there for 6 months now.
At the company, I could confirm how silly I was to believe that technology was not for me just because of small disabilities. At work, I meet blind, deaf, handicapped developers that are amazingly skilled, their disability does not interfere in their work at all.

Summarizing, don’t be caught by stereotypes that a developer should be a computer hacker and use the computer so fast that you almost can’t see their hands. To pursue a career as Software Developer you just need a positive attitude and be willing to learn every day.

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