Xoriant interview experience (On-Campus)

Xoriant came for campus recruitment on 19th September.

There were in total 5 rounds –
1. online aptitude test – It had in total 7 rounds – aptitude, Operating system, computer networking, data structures, programming concepts and 2 coding question which were quite easy to solve.

2. G.D. – Had very basic and easy topics. They looked for very good communication skills and fluency in English.

3. Technical interview

4. Managerial interview – my technical and managerial round was kept together. It was 40 to 50 mins long. every interview was lengthy. they asked about project, marks during semesters, oops, some puzzles and their implementation in programming.

5. HR interview – it was normal chit chat. asked about my family, why xoirant and some other things. it was very easy and interesting.

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