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XERXES – Penetration Testing Tool using Kali Linux

Last Updated : 25 Mar, 2022
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XERXES is a free and Open source tool available on GitHub. You can install and download the tool free of cost. A denial of service attack can be performed by using this tool. Xerxes is written in C. The framework works by maintaining a full TCP connection. After making full TCP Connection it only requires a few hundreds of requests at long term in regular intervals. As a result, Xerxes doesn’t need to spend lots of traffic requests to exhaust all the available connections on a server. Using xerxes any remote machine can be taken down or any server can be taken down easily. The tool use perfectly legitimate HTTP traffic. The tool is very useful for security testing.


Step 1: Open your kali linux operating system and use the following command to install the tool from github.

git clone

Step 2: Now use the following command to move into the directory of the tool.

cd xerxes

Step 3: Now you are the directory of the tool. Use the following command to start ddos attack.

./xerxes <domain> 80

The tool is running successfully and attacking on the domain,

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