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Unicornscan – Penetration Testing Tool in Kali Linux

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Unicornscan is a free and open-source Automated Penetration Testing tool available on GitHub which is very useful for security researchers for information gathering and testing of the security of websites and web servers.Unicornscan provides many integrated tools to perform penetration testing on the target system. This tool is also known as an active web application security reconnaissance tool. This tool was designed as it should be accurate, scalable, flexible for the users who are using it. This tool is released under GPL General Public License. This tool offers and performs scanning of TCP and UDP network protocols. This tool is very useful for finding network discovery patterns. This tool is used to find remote hosts. Unicornscan can also give you information about the target operating system.

Features and Uses of Unicornscan tool :

  • Unicornscan can detect asynchronous TCP banner.
  • Unicornscan can tell you information about OS, application and system service detection on the host.
  • Unicornscan tool has ability to use custom data sets to perform reconnaissance.
  • Unicornscan tool supports  SQL relational output from networks.
  • Unicornscan can perform TCP asynchronous scan on hosts
  • Unicornscan can perform asynchronous UDP scan on hosts.


Step 1: Use the following command to install the tool on your kali linux machine.

sudo apt install unicorn

Step 2: The tool has been downloaded into your kali linux machine. Now to open the flags and help menu of the tool use the following command.

unicorn -h

 Now you can see that the tool is finally installed into your machine as the tool is opening its help menu. Now lets see some examples of how to use the tool.


Example 1: 

Use the unicorn tool to scan a ip address to get details of open and closed ports of a website called adaptercart.

sudo unicornscan -r30 -mT

You can see that it showing all the open ports this is how you can also use unicorn scan tool for your ip address or on your target host.

Example 2:

 Use the unicorn tool to scan an ip address to get details of open and closed ports of a website called geeksforgeeks.

sudo unicornscan -r30 -mT

Two ports are opened on the site  This is how you can also perform 

Example 3 : 

Use the unicorn tool to scan a ip address to get details of open and closed ports of a website called

sudo unicornscan -r30 -mT

You can refer to above example to perform scanning on your target.

Example 4:

 Use the Unicornscan tool to perform a UDP scan on the whole network

sudo unicornscan –mU –v –I

Example 5: 

Use the Unicornscan tool to perform a TCP SYN Scan on a whole network.

 unicornscan -msf -v

Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2021
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