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World’s Safest City

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark has won the title of the world’s safest city. The revelation was made by Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Safe Cities Index (SCI) in their report released in the year 2021. The EIU is the research and analysis arm of The Economist Group that ranks over 60 international cities or destinations based on 76 safety indicators including digital security, health security, infrastructure, personal security, and also newly added, environmental security.

Apart from being the safest city in the world, Copenhagen is also the most populous city in Denmark. It is also considered the major economic and financial center of the country. The economy of the city is majorly based on services and commerce with the majority population employed in the service sector such as transport and communications, trade, and finance. The workforce in the education and healthcare sector is relatively less. Let’s get to know more about the World’s Safest City in this article. 

How ‘World’s Safest City’ is Chosen?

This is the biggest curiosity among people before traveling anywhere in the world to know whether the city is safe or not and what precautions they must take before visiting their vacation destination. The clear-cut answer that Copenhagen is the ‘World’s Safest City’ is not enough to go with until diving into the indicators that made it top the list.

So, the Economist Intelligence Unit which is sponsored by NEC Corporation prepared the report ‘The Safe Cities Index 2021’. The report ranks 60 cities on its 76 indicators. As mentioned above, the report has some new indicators added to it and it suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic has a major role in changing and defining new indicators of safety. Overall the safety indicators according to the report are segregated into five major pillars which are, personal, health, infrastructure, digital, and environmental security (newly added).

Copenhagen scored 82.4 out of 100 points on the overall score list. Following that, the city ranked 3rd in terms of digital security, average in terms of health security, again 3rd for infrastructure security, 1st in personal security, and ranked 6th in the newly added indicator ‘environmental security.

World’s Safest City, Copenhagen – Overview:

Being the ‘World’s Safest City’ and the capital of the country, Denmark is administered from Copenhagen as top legal courts and institutions are based in the capital city only. As the city performed well in terms of ‘environmental security’ it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. It was also honored as the ‘Top Green City’ consequently for the second time in the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) released in 2014.

Interestingly, the city gets its 4 percent of electricity via wind farms that are built at the coast at Middelgrunden. Not just that, the city is adopting solar panels commonly in newly constructed buildings as a source of renewable energy.

The city’s economy also has a major contribution to tourism with some really attractive tourist destinations and restaurants. Also, there are numerous attractions for the tourists in the city such as museums, entertainment, performing arts, nightlife, amusement parks, and much more. 

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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