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Wipro Interview Experience | Off-Campus
  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020

Wipro company conducted an Elite National Talent Hunt for the 2020 Batch this year. I appeared in this process and the rounds were very well transparent and the Tests were conducted at AMCAT Portal. The problem I faced and most of the students was the process was very long i.e., there was a huge gap between multiple rounds which is not good.

Round 1:

First-round was a normal round taken on amcat platform . The test was divided into 4 sections mainly Language, Logical, Quantitative and Automata. The questions were relatively easy and the Automata section has 2 coding questions, those students who completely solved 2 coding questions were given a chance for Turbo Profile. I was one of them 😉

Round 2:

The results came after couple of weeks and we were called for Interview Process. The Interview was divided into 2 rounds of Techincal and HR. I went through the Technical round first. There were 3 Panels for TR and 2 Panels for HR rounds. When I entered the room the Interviewer was busy in his stuff and I greeted him. He told how hectic this process has been and he is tired. I smiled and he started my interview. I started with my introduction and then he told about himself. Later he started the discussion on my projects and he went very deep into it. I would suggest you prepare your projects on your own because they can easily judge you. Then he started putting questions on SQL and Django. I was confident in this part and answered all his questions.

After Completing my TR, I was shortlisted for the HR round.  HR started with my introduction and asked very basic questions to judge the mentality of the student. Like ur relocation?day night shifts? etc.

Round 3:

I cleared the round 2 also and was shortlisted to enhance my package to Turbo Profile. The test was conducted on Amcat which had 2 coding questions. The first was the basic arithmetic modulo question and the second was Greedy Programming question. This test also went well and now waiting for the results 😉

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