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WiFi Calling

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WiFi Calling is technology that operates on series of standards established by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It enables people to communicate without using your phone service provider as the middleman. This is beneficial as perfect solution to achieve high-quality calls indoors with access to strong Wi-Fi network coverage. It enables us to make calls using wireless internet connection. Android and iOS devices both provide features of WiFi Calling. This Technology is commonly used by people as the network provides access to the Internet over wireless channel.

It makes use of radio interface to make calls and receive calls with the help of GSM network tower. WiFi feature is not active in mobile phones instead the user needs to do it manually. Although most smartphones provide features of WiFi Calling this access to this technology also depends on mobile network operator. WiFi Calling Wi-Fi calling allows you to speak to people in remote locations while the network signal is hardly available. But for that matter, the proper availability of WiFi Calling should be there.

In order to access this feature people need not install any special application on phone. Instead, the phone switches and authenticates itself to best network available as it does on a normal cellular network. For this features user don’t need to pay any additional charge as it works in the same way as normal calls on the cellular network. Moreover with the help of this technology no extra amount of LTE data being spent unlike the LTE network using data from amount paid for a monthly allowance.

How to enable WiFi Calling :
To enable WiFi Calling Feature in Android mobile phones follows the given below steps.

  • Click on the settings icon in android.
  • Click on phone option inside setting.
  • Click enable wifi calling by from slider.

To enable WiFi Calling Feature in iphones follow the given below steps.

  • Click on setting and hit Mobile Data option.
  • There WiFi option will be available, then click button, and slide Wi-Fi calling toggle to On.

In case if an individual dont want to use this feature then, head back to Wi-Fi settings for your device. Then simply switch the toggle back to Off and it will get shut.

What types of devices can make Wi-Fi calls?
Nowadays an increasing number of mobile phones support WiFi Calling such as listed in the following.

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. T-Mobile
  4. Sprint
  5. Cloud phone systems
  6. Almost all iphones support the feature of WiFi Calling

Benefits of Wifi Calling :

  • Coverage –
    It provides more coverage for communication for mobile operators by using WiFi network along with existing mobile network. It helps to provide a better network where network is low.

  • Fix line operators –
    With the help of this technology Fix line operators can also start mobile services without buying cellular networks to increase the network strength for communication.

  • No Additional Application –
    In this technology, need not install any additional application to make or receive calls over wifi network. This helps to make HD calls. Apart from that phone contacts remain unaltered as they used for the normal call over GSM network.

  • Quality –
    High-Quality calls are provided if a good range of WiFi good quality wifi routes. is available for WiFi Calling. Instead of these, it offloads the mobile operator carrier traffic.
Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2020
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