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When to use the class attribute and the id attribute ?

Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2024
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The class attribute is used when multiple HTML elements share a common style or behaviour, allowing the application of a shared style to several elements. It promotes code reusability and is suitable for elements with similar characteristics.

The id attribute is utilized when a unique identifier is needed for a specific HTML element. This identifier must be unique within the document and is often employed for singular, distinct elements that require individual styling or scripting.

Using the class Attribute:

The class attribute allows you to group elements, applying the same style to all elements with the same class. The scenarios where the class attributes are as:

  • Multiple Element Styling: When multiple HTML elements share the same styling.
  • Reusable Styles: When you want to reuse styles across different parts of your website.

Using the id Attribute:

The id attribute provides a way to uniquely identify an element, allowing precise styling or scripting for that particular element. The scenarios where the id attributes are as:

  • Unique Identification: When a single, unique element needs specific styling or scripting.
  • JavaScript Interaction: When using JavaScript to manipulate specific elements. The id attribute is commonly used in conjunction with JavaScript to interact with a specific element on the page.

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