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How href attribute is different from src attribute in HTML ?

Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2024
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In HTML5, the href and src attributes play distinct roles in defining paths or URLs, each associated with specific HTML elements. The href attribute, commonly found in an anchor (<a>) elements, points to the destination of hyperlinks, facilitating navigation. The src attribute, used with elements like <img> and <script>, specifies the source URL for embedding external content like images, scripts, or multimedia.

href Attribute

  • Usage: The href attribute is primarily associated with hyperlinks (<a> anchor elements) and is used to define the URL or path to the linked resource.
  • Functionality: It specifies the destination of the hyperlink, whether it’s a web page, an external resource, or an internal anchor within the same page.


<a href="">Visit Example Website</a>

src Attribute

  • Usage: The src attribute is commonly used with elements like <img>, <script>, <iframe>, and others. It specifies the source URL or path for embedding external content.
  • Functionality: It defines the source of the content to be embedded, whether it’s an image, a script, an audio or video file, etc.


<img src="image.jpg" alt="Description">

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