What is RTS(Real Time Streaming)?

Real-time streaming processing is the process in which taking action on data when it is generated. It is the process in which a large amount of data processed quickly. Historically, real-time processing means processed as frequently as necessary. Processing times can be measured in microseconds.


There are many applications of Real-Time Streaming like in E-Commerce, Network monitoring, Fraud detection, etc.

If we have a warehouse-like Hive which has petabytes of data in it. But it only allows us to just analyze our historical data and predict the future.
Processing this type of huge volumes of data is not more than enough. We need to process this type of data in real-time also. This is required in fraud detection, intelligence and surveillance systems, etc.

Working of RTS

RTSP is an application layer protocol that allows the client to control real-time media streaming on the server. RTSP does not handle the transmission of the data itself. This protocol helps in working on Real timing streaming processing.
There are various open-source platforms:

  • Apache SparK
  • Apache Apex
  • Apache Flink


  • Reduced Costs from Leasing Cloud Infrastructures, Software, Platforms, and Services.
  • Reduced Costs from Using Hosted Cloud Provider Support Staff.


  • Security: There really is a concern regarding the security of data in the cloud.
  • Hosted Cloud Provider Dependence.
  • “Act of God” Outages.

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