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Difference between Streaming and Downloading

Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2023
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Streaming and downloading, both the terms are mostly used when we use the internet. Let’s see that these terms one by one then we will see the difference between them. Streaming: Streaming refers to the viewing of the content hold on within the remote machine (server) instead of the shopper machine. Now, however will this streaming works? within the streaming of the media and applications, the media bitstream is split into tiny chunks or blocks that area unit transferred severally. With this, the receiver is capable of coding and playback the portion of the bitstream that’s received by the end-user at a specific time. So, this can be however the transmitter systematically sends the packets of multimedia system knowledge whereas the receiver accepts, decodes and examine the received parts of the bitstreams concomitantly.  
Downloading: Downloading is totally different from streaming; it involves the storage of the content at the client’s machine from the server before viewing the content. It are often explained by taking the instance of the FTP protocol, within which the file is downloaded first before overwhelming it. Downloading could be a strong technique of delivering the content to the end-user. It eliminates the buffering of the content because it happens at the time of streaming.  

Difference between Streaming and Downloading:

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1. Streaming is the process of transferring the content block by block and viewing it afterwards. Downloading is a method during which all the information is transferred promptly then viewed.
2. In streaming, stable and sensible net speed are required. While in downloading, variable speed might conjointly work.
3. Less time required. More time required.
4. Buffering exists in the case of streaming. Here, Buffering does not exist.
5. Screen resolution could be higher if the web or net speed is good. Here, screen resolution depends upon downloader.
6. In the case of streaming, memory space is not needed at the same time. Here, memory space is needed to download multimedia content.
7. In the case of streaming, video quality can be changed between the process. Here, once the downloading starts, video quality can’t be changed.

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